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Android Keyboard Shortcuts That Every User Should Know



Android keyboard shortcuts

No other operating system has gained immense popularity as Android. It is the best selling OS worldwide over the years with the more than two millions apps support. Besides apps, the Android platform is better known for the customization options it is offering. When you connect the Android phone or tablet to a keyboard, you will get access to impressive keyboard shortcuts. Performing basic tasks will be more convenient than relying on touchscreen menus. So, accessing the Android keyboard shortcuts will get your work done in seconds. Take a look at the important Android Keyboard Shortcuts from the section below.

Android keyboard shortcuts

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Android Keyboard Shortcuts for Typing

Shift + Shift Activate caps lock
Shift + Shift + ShiftInactive caps lock
Shift + DelDelete a character to the right of the cursor
Alt + DelDelete entire line
Alt + Spacebar Insert a special character
Alt + Trackball UpMove the cursor to the top of the page
Alt + Trackball DownMove the cursor to the bottom of page
Alt + Trackball Left Move the cursor to the beginning of the line
Alt + TrackballRight Move the cursor to the end of line
Shift + Trackball Left / Right Highlight the text to cut or copy

General Android Keyboard Shortcuts

Menu + A Select all the text in the current field
Menu + X Cut the highlighted text on-screen
Menu + C Copy the text to the clipboard
Menu + V Paste the text from clipboard
Esc Go back or close the open window
Alt + SpaceSearch page
Ctrl + Esc Menu
Alt + Tab / Alt +Shift + Tab Switch between the tasks
Spacebar Page down in any web page/document view
Shift + Spacebar Page up any webpage/document view

Android Keyboard Shortcuts for Browsing

Menu + BOpen bookmarks
Menu + FFind on page
Menu + HView the browsing history
Menu + IZoom in
Menu + OZoom out
Menu + JGo back a page
Menu + KGo forward a page
Menu + RRefresh current page
Menu + SOpen browser settings / Open social networking sharing menu

Android Keyboard Shortcuts for Apps

Windows + BOpen Browser
Windows + COpen Contacts
Windows + EOpen Email
Windows + GOpen Gmail
Windows + IOpen Calendar
Windows + MOpen Maps
Windows + POpen Music
Windows + SOpen Text Messaging
Windows + YOpen YouTube

Note: To customize the keyboard shortcuts for apps, you can go to Application on the main system settings menu and click Quick Launch. With this, you can change the hotkey control and customize to your preference.

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Android Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

FForward current message
RReply to current messages
YArchive messages
Enter Open an email from main inbox list
Menu + U Refresh inbox
Menu + C Compose new email
Alt + Trackball Up Jump to the top of the inbox
Alt + Trackball Down Jump to the bottom of the inbox

To Conclude

That’s it. Hope the Android Keyboard shortcuts discussed here in this article is useful to you. Did we still miss any useful Android keyboard shortcuts? Then share it with us as comments below. You can even follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more useful articles.

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