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How to Clear Clipboard on Android [COMPLETE GUIDE]



Clear Clipboard Android

One of our Android smartphone’s primary and essential features is the clipboard. Clipboard is the location where you can store the data temporarily text or images. When you copy or cut a text or image on your Android Smartphone, it gets stored in the clipboard for later referral. Even though the clipboard is a helpful feature, many Android users are concerned about their privacy because some think that the information stored on the clipboard can be hacked. So, if you’re worried about your privacy, you can follow the guide below to clear Clipboard on Android smartphones.

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What is a Clipboard?

Clipboard is a useful feature available on all Android smartphones for you to refer to some important information later. The concept is simple when you copy any text or image; it will automatically be saved on the clipboard. Then, you can access the copied content that is temporarily saved on the clipboard. So, if you need to save any important information, copy it; the data will be automatically stored on the clipboard for you to access later.

How to Clear Clipboard on Android Smartphones

We have covered all the methods you can use to clear the clipboard on your Android Smartphone in the section below. So, feel free free to use any one of the methods that are best suited to you.

How to Clear Clipboard in Stock Android

In stock Android, it is effortless to clear the clipboard. However, the step-by-step procedure to do the same is as follows.

1) Go to any app where you can copy the content.

2) To copy the content, long press on a word and drag it to select.

3) From the list of options, select the copy option.

Copying a new text will delete the previously copied content in the clipboard.

Clear Clipboard in Android Smartphones

The steps to clear all entries in Clipboard on Android Smartphones are as follows.

1) Go to any app where you can copy the content. For instance, go to Messaging App.

2) Long press in the text field and select clipboard, or press three horizontal dots icon on the keyboard and select the clipboard.

Select Clipboard
All entries in Clipboard is displayed.

3) Select the Delete option from the lower right corner.

4) To confirm the selection, again tap on the Delete option.

Select Delete to Clear Clipboard on Android

NOTE: You can also delete specific content on the clipboard. Just long-press the content you want to delete on the clipboard and tap on Delete from the clipboard.

Select Delete from Clipboard to clear clipboard on Android

Delete Clipboard with Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard App

By using the third-party application, you can clear the clipboard. Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard app is one of the best third-party clipboard managers available in the Google Play Store. By installing the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard app, you can delete the clipboard in a few steps.

1) Install the Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard on your Android Smartphone from the Google Play Store.

2) Launch the Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard after installation.

3) Tap on the Enable SwiftKey button.

Select Enable SwiftKey

4) Find the Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard and toggle it on. Now, Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard is the default keyboard for your Android Smartphone.

5) Next, follow the on-screen prompts and set up the Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard.

6) Now, copy any contents you like.

7) For instance, go to the Messaging app and choose anyone to text.

8) Tap on the text field to bring up the Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard.

9) Next, tap on the Clipboard icon from the top of the keyboard.

10) Now, you can see all the copied contents on the clipboard.

11) Choose any content and swipe to the right to delete it.

12) Alternatively, you can select the Manage option from the upper right corner of the keyboard and select any content to delete it.

Now, you can clear the clipboard of your Android Smartphone on your own. Also, you can choose any methods you like.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the advantages of Clipper Plus over Clipper?

The advantage of using Clipper Plus is that you can save unlimited clippings, add date and time to clippings, and are easy to search.

2. Some apps to clear the clipboard?

Clip Stack, Clipboard Actions, and Copy Bubble are the best apps to clear the clipboard.

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