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How to Clear Android Cache?



How to Clear Android Cache

Cache is a temporary data that make applications to run faster and to load the content very quickly. On the other hand, it will create some trouble for the users. By clearing those files, you can free up some space on your device. You can also clear the cache files when your device app was freeze or crashes or slow issue. In this article, we will show how to clear the cache on Android phones and tablets.

There are four ways available to clear Cached data on an Android device.

  • Clear Cache on Android using Device Settings
  • Clear Cache for individual app
  • Clear Cache using Third-Party Apps
  • Clear Cache on Android from Recovery Mode

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Method 1: Clear cache on Android using device settings

It is the best method to clear all cached data on your Android device. You can use the default settings app in your device for this method.

NOTE: This method doesn’t works on Android 8 and above. Android 8 and above devices clear cached data automatically when the device wants to clear some disk space.

#1: Open the Settings app and navigate to Storage menu.

#2: Scroll down to select Cached Data menu.

#3: Tap OK on the pop-up menu to clear all the cached data.

Method 2: Clear cache for individual apps

This method works on all type of Android devices and the users can access this method if they can’t find the option to bulk clear their cached data. This method is also helpful when you find a certain application is performing very slow.

#1: Go to Settings.

#2: Select Apps & Notification menu.

Click Apps & Notifications
Click Apps & Notifications

#3: Select the app for which you want to clear the cached data.

#4: On the info page of the app, select Storage.

How to Clear Android Cache
Click Storage

#5: Tap CLEAR CACHE to clear all the cached data associated with that app.

How to Clear Android Cache
Click Clear Cache

Method 3: Clear Android cache using third-party apps

If you want to buck clear cache on your Android phone, you can also use some of the applications developed by third-party developers. Applications like Clean Master, CCleaner and 1 Tap Cleaner are helpful in clearing the cached data on Android. Moreover, these applications are officially available on the Google App Store.

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Method 4: Clear cache from recovery mode

It is an advanced method and you need to back up your important files before accessing this method. This method is very helpful in clearing the system cache on Android device.

#1: Power off your android device.

#2: Press and hold the power + volume down button simultaneously for 10-15 seconds to enter into recovery mode.

NOTE: The controls for Recovery mode may vary depending upon the device.

#3: Enter your device password and you will find the option to Wipe the cached data.

How to Clear Android Cache
Wipe Data and Cache

These are the four methods available to clear Cached data on any android mobiles/tablets. We hope the article will guide you to clear or free some disk space on your Android device. Thank you for visiting For further queries and feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.

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