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How to Install and Watch Apple TV on PS5



Apple TV on PS5

PS5 has recently launched Apple TV on its consoles. Apple TV is a streaming service that provides access to the mass collection of Apple originals, a library of movies, and TV shows. It allows the users to add channels and stream its content. Thus, Apple TV brings all the content in one spot, making it unnecessary to install separate apps. It is an on-demand service that allows the user to watch anything at any time with 4K streaming quality. Apple TV on PS5 allows you to stream free for up to 6 months.

Get Apple TV App on PS5

You have to get the Apple TV app from the PlayStation Store to stream the Apple TV app on PlayStation5.

How to Download and Install Apple TV on PS5

Quick Guide: On PS5 console > Click Media > Select All Apps > Search Apple TV > Click Download the app.

1) Connect the PlayStation5 to the desired screen and turn it on. Ensure that PlayStation5 has standard internet or Wi-Fi access.

2) Open PS5 and go to the home screen page using the PS controller. You can see two tabs at the top of the home page, Games and Media. Among the two tabs, select the Media tab.

Select the Media option from the PS5 home screen

3) Under Media, select the All Apps icon.

Click on the All Apps section

4) Now, all the apps under PlayStation Store will be displayed.

Select Apple TV app from the apps displayed from PlayStation Store.

5) Now, select the Apple TV app from the list of apps displayed and click the Download option. Once the downloading is complete, it will install the Apple TV app on PS5.

Download and Install Apple TV on PS5.

However, to access the content of the app, you should activate the app.

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How to Activate and Stream Apple TV on PS5

Before the activating process, make sure that you have an Apple ID already. If not available, create a new Apple ID.

1) Go to the PlayStation5 home screen and select the Media tab.

2) Open the app on your PS5 console.

3) In the Apple TV app, select Settings. Under that, choose the Accounts option.

Open the Apple TV app on PS5 and select Account option under Settings.

4) Select the Sign-in option. You can choose to Sign in on this same tv or Sign In on a Mobile device. You can choose to sign on a mobile device as it is relatively easy.

5) An Activating code will be displayed on the screen. This code is necessary to register the PlayStation device with an Apple TV account.

6) To activate the Apple TV app, open the official Apple TV website using the computer browser or mobile device browser.

7) Select the Sign-in option and sign in with the existing Apple ID.

8) Once done, enter the Activation Code on the required field.

Enter the activation code to activate Apple TV on PS5.

9) Enter the code that is displayed on PS5 and tap Activate button.

Finally, the Apple TV app on the PlayStation5 device gets activated. Now you can stream its content on PlayStation5 connected TV screen. However, if the Apple TV app is not available on your PlayStation console, you Screen Mirror or AirPlay using your smartphone.

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Why can’t I start Apple TV on PS5?

If your Apple TV on PS5 is not working, clear cache files in the app and force stop the app. Update the latest version of the app. If it still doesn’t start or turn on, reset your PS5.

How to reset PS5?

To troubleshoot PS5, you can reset your PS5. To do this, go to the Setting > Setting Software > Reset options > Reset your console > Reset.

Can you cast iPhone to PS5?

Yes, you can easily AirPlay Apple TV from your iPhone to PS5.

What to do if PS5 safe mode not working?

Turn off your PS and remove the power cable. Wait for 20 minutes. Then reconnect and attempt to boot up PS5 in safe mode.

How can I redeem Apple TV 6 month free trial on PlayStation 5?

To get the offer, download the app on your PS5 and log in with your Apple ID.

Can I stream Spectrum TV on Apple TV?

Yes, you can stream content from Spectrum TV and DirecTV Stream on Apple TV.

What are the Apple TV compatible devices?

Apple TV can be accessed with Amazon Firestick, Android TV, Google TV, LG Smart TV, Panasonic TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Sony TV, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

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