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How to Install & Play Spotify on Apple TV?



Spotify on Apple TV

There are a large number of music streaming apps available and Spotify is one among them. It is a #1 music app to listen to the latest songs and podcasts from anywhere. Spotify is free to download music app that offers in-app purchase as well. Any user can search for music tracks, artists, album, and listen to them for free. Over time, Spotify will give you personal recommendations. Meanwhile, you can choose from the ready-made playlist as well. It is a multi-platform app that offers music for every mood and you can use it as a platform to build your music collection. Although many music streaming apps like Pandora has released a tvOS app, Spotify on Apple TV isn’t available yet. However, there are other possible ways in which you can access Spotify on Apple TV easily. The article covers the same in detail and you can, therefore, play Spotify music on your Apple TV.

How to Play Spotify on Apple TV

Spotify app isn’t available officially for the Apple TV. So anyone can choose AirPlay to play any Spotify music on the big screen. To know more, get into the section below.

AirPlay is available for different platforms and you can jump into the respective section to proceed with the steps to play Spotify on Apple TV using AirPlay.

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Steps to Play Spotify on Apple TV using AirPlay – iOS devices

Those with iPhone, iPad, and iPod can use AirPlay technology to beam audio or video onto the Apple TV. Those who have Spotify app installed on iOS can follow the steps below to play Spotify music on Apple TV.


  • The latest version of the Spotify app installed on the iOS device
  • Connect Apple TV and iOS device to the same WiFi network
  • Most importantly, keep Bluetooth and WiFi connection of iOS turned on.

#1. Firstly, you should launch the Spotify app on your iOS device.

#2. Swipe up the iOS screen to see the Control Center of your iPhone or iPad.

#3. Press and hold the audio card from the top-right corner of the Control Center.

COntrol center

#4. Make a click on the AirPlay button. After that, choose the Apple TV from the available devices to connect it with your iOS.

Spotify on Apple TV

Note: Level up the volume bar to the maximum level on the Control Center of your iOS device.

#5. Finally, click to play any Spotify music on your iPhone and the same will be mirrored on the Apple TV.

Note: You should turn up the volume on your Apple TV slowly by using the remote.

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Steps to Play Spotify on Apple TV using AirPlay – Mac PC

Any Mac users can stream Spotify audio from the Mac PC to Apple TV with AirPlay support. The steps given below would help you out with it.

#1. Open Spotify desktop app or web version on your Mac PC at first.

#2. Secondly, connect your Mac PC and Apple TV are connected to the same WiFi network.

#3. On your MacBook, click on Menu to choose System Preferences.

Sound - System Preference

#4. Tap on Sound and then select Output option.

#5. After that, you should select AirPlay from the output.

Spotify on Apple TV

#6. Now, any music you play from Spotify will start playing on your Apple TV.

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Alternative Method

If you don’t have AirPlay support or don’t want to use the AirPlay to play Spotify music on Apple TV, then you can choose any Spotify music converter. To know more, you can follow the section below.


  • Download any Spotify converter. For example, Sidify.

#1. Download and launch Sidify app on your Mac or Windows PC.

#2. On its home screen, click on plus or + icon or Click Here to Add Audio.

#3. Just drag and drop a song or the Playlist link from Spotify to the Sidify Music Converter.

#4. Wait for the music to add on the Sidify. Tap the Settings button to alter the basic parameters and choose your preferred file format.

#5. Make a click on the Convert button and with this, the DRM will be removed. With this, Sidify Music Converter for Spotify will download the music.

#6. Finally, click on the “timer like icon” to find the Spotify music.

#7. After that, you should import Spotify music to iTunes. To do so, launch iTunes to click on the File menu and choose Add File to Library option.

#8. Choose your PC as iTunes Home Sharing server by selecting File menu > Home Sharing > Turn on Home Sharing option.

#9. Enter the Apple ID and password to further proceed.

#10. After that, you should turn on iTunes Home Sharing on Apple TV from Settings > Accounts > Home Sharing.

#11. Finally, you can stream Spotify music to Apple TV from Windows PC or Mac PC by selecting the main menu > Computers > select shared library > play any Spotify songs from the library to play on Apple TV.

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To Conclude

Although Spotify isn’t available for Apple TV, anyone can access its music contents upon following this article. You can stream millions of Spotify songs on the big screen without any limitations for free with or without the AirPlay support. With this, any Apple TV users can listen to your favourite tracks at anytime easily.

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