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How to Reset Apple TV? Two Easy Methods in 2021



Reset Apple TV

The factory reset option would help if you are about to resell any device or if it is found to be misbehaving. Apple TV isn’t an exception and anyone can reset the device to put it back into its initial configuration. A factory reset will work when you are experiencing a minor issue, a system or app error, etc. When in case of any software issues, then the reset would resolve it. However, if you face the same issue constantly, then resetting the Apple TV is the best option. In addition to these problems, Apple TV needs to be reset when you have failed to jailbreak the device successfully. Similarly, a reset will resolve any bandwidth outage that has occurred in the middle of upgrading the System software. It is important to note that resetting your Apple TV will not erase your contents in iCloud.

How to Reset Apple TV?

Apple TV users can reset the device easily without any technical knowledge. There are two different ways exists in which you can rest Apple TV. Take a look at the section below to know about it.

Note: Reset and Restart are two different processes and they aren’t the same. The restart would help you start the device again without making any changes to the device settings. However, Reset is the final process that will set the hardware and software to the default state.

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Method 1: Steps to Reset Apple TV using Remote

The guidelines given below would work for Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, Apple TV 3rd generation and earlier version.

#1. Power on the Apple TV to navigate and click on Settings option at first.

#2. Click on the System or General based on Apple TV model you have.

How to Reset Apple TV?

#3. After that, you should choose the Reset option.

Click Reset

#4. Now, click on Reset or Reset All Settings option to make your device go back to its factory settings.

Note: If you click on Reset and Update or Restore option, your Apple TV will return to factory settings and install the software updates.

#5. Wait for the Apple TV to reset and finally, you can set up your Apple TV.

Note: Keep your Apple TV plugged into the power cord till the reset operation to complete.

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Method 2: Steps to Reset Apple TV using Desktop

When your Apple TV remote doesn’t work or it isn’t recognized, then you can reset it with the help of the desktop with iTunes. The steps below would help you reset using Desktop.

#1. Initially, you should disconnect your Apple TV from the power cord.

#2. Next, you should connect your Apple TV to the PC/Mac using USB-C to USB-A cable.

Note: If you are using Apple TV 3rd generation or earlier, then you should use a micro USB cable.

#3. Then connect the USB port at the back of the Apple TV box.

#4. Plugin your Apple TV back to the power cord to restart it.

#5. Meanwhile, iTunes should launch on your PC and the Apple TV must be recognized.

#6. After that, you should choose to Restore Apple TV option and then click on the Restore and Update button.

#7. Wait for some time to let the iTunes download and install the latest version of the Apple TV tvOS.

Note: You should never unplug anything until the reset operation of Apple TV gets completed.

#8. Finally, eject the Apple TV from PC and then switch it off. Just reconnect it your TV to set up as a new device.

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To Conclude

Either of the methods can be used to easily reset the Apple TV. If you encounter any problem, then resetting will let you get back to the initial configuration of your Apple TV. Make sure to have an active internet connection just before resetting and updating your Apple TV.

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