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How to Update Apple TV 4 & 3? [Latest 2021]



Update Apple TV

Apple TV is a digital media player to stream thousands of movies, original shows, and more. Just like any other platforms and apps, it is indeed must to update Apple TV OS with the latest version. Only then, any of its users will be able to access its new features. In addition to this, any new update would sometimes fix up any issues from the previous releases. You can update your device either manually or automatically. In other words, you can check for the new updates or set your Apple TV to update the software automatically. Most importantly, you should know your Apple TV generation as the updating steps vary for each model.

The steps to update tvOS on Apple TV isn’t a complex procedure. However, you need to follow different steps to update Apple TV for different generations. By getting into the section below, you will be able to update any models easily.

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How to Update Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K?

It is important to update Apple TV whenever you are prompted with a new tvOS update. The tvOS software is the same as the iOS version and the updating process will be more or less similar to iOS. Those Apple TV HD or 4K users can follow the steps given below to update your TV manually.

#1. Power on your Apple TV first and then navigate to click on the Settings option.

#2. Secondly, you should click on the System option.

#3. Now, choose Software Updates menu.

#4. After that, you should tap on Select Update Software.

How to Update Apple TV

#5. If you are able to see a new update, then click on the Download and Install option.

Download and Install

Note: Apple TV update may take some time. So wait for it to complete and most importantly, you should not unplug or disconnect your Apple TV.

How to Update Apple TV

#6. Your Apple TV will restart after the update download and prepares for the update. Just wait for it to complete.

How to Update Apple TV

#7. Finally, when the update is complete, the Apple TV will restart again automatically.

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How to Update Apple TV 3?

Updating Apple TV 3rd generation will be a little different from that of the 4th generation. It is because the 3rd generation Apple TV doesn’t run on tvOS. However, the steps to manually update 3rd Gen Apple TV isn’t complex and therefore you can take a look at the steps given below.

#1. Turn on your Apple TV 3rd generation initially to tap on Setting option using your remote.

#2. Select the General option to proceed further with the update.

#3. Just scroll down to choose the Software Updates option.

#4. If the device shows you an update, then you should download and install it.

Note: Don’t unplug or disconnect your Apple TV till the update gets completed.

#5. Wait for Apple TV to complete the updating process. Once done, your device will restart and prepare the update to install it.

#6. At last, if the update is successfully completed, then your device will restart again automatically.

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Try the Alternative!

Any Apple TV users can update your device automatically without needing any manual intervention. It is a very useful method for those who find no time to manually update the device. Follow the section below to know the procedure to update it automatically.

To update 4K and 4th Gen devices

#1. Go to the Apple TV Settings at first and select System.

#2. After that, choose Software Updates option.

#3. Now, navigate to click on Update Software and turn on Automatic Update.

Auto update -> Turn On

To update 3rd Gen

#1. Navigate to click on Settings on the Apple TV 3rd Generation.

#2. Scroll to choose General option in the menu.

#3. Select Software Updates option and then choose the Update Automatically option.

Note: Apple has discontinued the OS updating process for the Apple TV 2nd generation models.

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What if You Can’t Update

If you can’t update your device, then do any of the following

  • Check if you have connected your Apple TV to a WiFi or Ethernet.
  • Ensure you haven’t plugged out the Apple TV.
  • When in any issue, try to reset your device at first.
  • If it is going unsolvable, then choose Reset All Settings.

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Wrapping Up

So you can follow the guidelines discussed in the above section to update your device to the latest version. If you wanted to keep an eye on the new updates, then opt for manual updating method. Else, you can simply turn on the automatic update that will, in turn, save both your time and effort.

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