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How to Watch NFL on Apple TV?



NFL on Apple TV

Streaming NFL on Apple TV is made easier now with the official app. With this, anyone can watch live football matches on your big screen instantly. You can use NFL app on Apple TV to stream local as well as the prime time games. It is the best football app to get exclusive videos and highlights. Additionally, the NFL app will bring you the latest news about the NFL matches. The game centre experience of this app will give you up-to-the-minute scores. You will never miss anything as NFL app feature drive charts and in-game highlights. Any NFL fan can subscribe to the NFL Game Pass within the NFL app. The article in specific deals with the procedure to download NFL on Apple TV along with the other possibilities with which you can watch NFL matches.

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How to Download NFL on Apple TV?

NFL is available on Apple App Store officially. So downloading it on Apple TV is easy if you follow the steps given below.

#1. Power on the Apple TV at first. Go to the home screen to choose App Store icon.

#2. Click on the Search bar from the top-right corner.

#3. Tap on the on-screen alphabets to type in as NFL.

#4. Use the Apple TV remote to choose the NFL from the suggestions list.

#5. Make a click on the Get button to download the app on Apple TV.

#6. Provide the Apple ID and password to start downloading the NFL app.

#7. Lastly, launch the NFL app that you installed.

Note: As of now, NFL app is available only for the latest Apple TV versions like Apple 4K and 4th generation.

How to Watch NFL on Apple TV – Alternative Way

There are two different methods in which you can stream NFL on Apple TV if your device doesn’t officially supports it. In the first method, you can choose the sports/live TV apps that support watching NFL contents. Similarly, the second method involves watching the NFL using different streaming services. The section below covers both the methods and you can choose anything to watch NFL on your Apple TV.

Watch NFL on Apple TV using Sports/Live TV Apps

Apple TV older model users have to depend on alternative apps to watch NFL contents by any of the different apps from the App Store. You can follow the section below to stream NFL.

1. FOX Sports Go

You can use the FOX Sports Go app on Apple TV to watch NFL contents. It is the best sports app to watch your favourite team’s live sporting contents. In addition to streaming NFL, the Apple TV users can stream local sports, original programs, live sporting events like MLB, NBA, and more. You can even use the FOX Sports Go app to watch pre and post-game shows, press conferences, documentaries, etc. You should indeed require streaming service or log in to the TV provider to watch NFL on Apple TV using FOX Sports Go.

FOX Sports Go
FOX Sports Go

2. Yahoo Sports

If you already have Yahoo Sports app on Apple TV, then you can stream NFL matches effortlessly. You can use this app to watch live local as well as prime time games for free. Meanwhile, you can check for highlights, scores, breaking news, and statistics. You will get exclusive contents from the writers of the Yahoo Sports app. In addition to this, it is the best tool to find the most important headlines of any sports. Never miss any important matches or your favourite team playing anymore. With Yahoo Sports app, you can set alerts and get notified when they play.

Yahoo Sports
Yahoo Sports

3. NBC Sports

NBC Sports is yet another replacement to stream NFL on Apple TV. It is available on the App Store and you can use it to watch thousands of live NFL sporting events. Additionally, it supports streaming NBC, NBCSN, Olympic Channel, NBC Sports Gold, and more. With NBC Sports app, you can watch live sports events and video-on-demand contents. It includes push notifications and you can get reminder alerts for the upcoming matches. Ensure to have login credentials from the TV provider or streaming service to use NBC Sports.

NBC Sports
NBC Sports

4. Amazon Prime Video

Download Amazon Prime Video app to stream NFL matches on your Apple TV. However, it isn’t straightforward and you need to depend on the Twitch channel to watch NFL. With Twitch on Amazon Prime Video app, you can watch live NFL sports on your Apple TV. It will let you experience the sports events like never before. You can go live to stream the live match, live chat with anyone, follow favourites, and explore the live channels for more entertainment.

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

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5. WatchESPN

WatchESPN is an alternative to NFL app on Apple TV, and thus anyone can select it to stream NFL games. Whether you have cable TV or streaming service subscription, WatchESPN works on either of them. So, you can easily stream NFL games on your Apple TV using the WatchESPN app. Apart from the NFL, you can use it to watch other sporting events like the NBA and more.


6. YouTube TV

YouTube TV app is available for Apple TV, and you can stream NFL matches effortlessly. It supports 70+ major broadcasts can cable networks like FOX, CBS, ABC, ESPN, NBC, TNT, etc. So catching up and streaming NFL games isn’t a complex thing. You can watch anything without needing the cable connection on your Apple TV. It supports cloud DVR storage, and you can store the recording for up to nine months.

YouTube TV
YouTube TV

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Watch NFL on Apple TV using Streaming Services

In addition to the sports app, there are lots of online streaming services that supports accessing NFL contents on Apple TV. The best services that support NFL contents are listed below, and you can choose anything for endless hours of entertainment.

1. DirecTV NOW

DirecTV NOW is a streaming service that can be used to stream live as well as on-demand contents. It is a cable TV replacement, and you can sign up online to get instant access. With DirecTV NOW, you can find anything you want including NFL games easily. Choose the right package with channels that supports NFL contents. For instance, you can choose channels like ESPN, FOX, NBC, CBS, etc. to stream NFL matches.

NFL on Apple TV

2. fubo TV

With fubo TV, you can easily access NFL games on Apple TV. It is an online streaming service that covers an extensive range of sports contents including, NFL. More than 30 TV channels that include FOX, CBS, NBC, TBS, TNT, NFL Network, etc. broadcasts live sports. So, you will never miss any of the major events in sports. In addition to this, fubo TV offers several hours of on-demand movies and TV shows. You can use 30 hours of Cloud DVR space to record anything and watch in any time.

NFL on Apple TV
fubo TV

3. Hulu

Hulu is a live TV streaming service to watch thousands of movies, TV shows, and more. In addition to this, you can use Hulu to stream NFL contents on Apple TV. Just choose the best subscription package to live stream NFL games at any time. It is a cable TV replacement, and you can choose from more than 60 top channels that supports streaming sports, news, and other entertainment contents. Meanwhile, you can use the Cloud DVR storage on Hulu to record NFL contents for up to 50 hours.

NFL on Apple TV

4. PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue offers the best TV experience without the cable TV subscription. You can use this service to watch the best of live streaming and on-demand shows on your Apple TV. There are lots of sports channels available, and you can choose anything to stream NFL matches on your TV. In addition to this, you can upgrade the multi-channel plan with the add-ons to stream your favourite contents. With the premium subscription, you can save any contents in the cloud DVR storage.

NFL on Apple TV
PlayStation Vue

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5. Sling TV

Sling TV can be used as an alternative to the cable TV subscription. It offers hundreds of live TV channels under different categories. So you can stream your favourites instantly including NFL matches. With Sling TV service, you will not be able to miss any live sports matches. Just choose the right Sling TV packages to stay tuned to the NFL games at any time. At an additional cost, you can save any on-demand shows, live TV, and movies in the Cloud DVR storage.

NFL on Apple TV
Sling TV

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To Conclude

There are lots of other apps and services that supports streaming NFL on Apple TV. However, only the best of them are listed. So you can choose any of the apps or streaming services to stream your favourite NFL matches on your Apple TV. Make sure to install a VPN on Apple TV for a better streaming experience.

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