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How to Stream SoundCloud on Apple TV



SoundCloud on Apple TV

SoundCloud is a streaming app for songs, music tracks, podcasts. It is one of the major music streaming apps in the world. The app acts as an open stage for budding artists to showcase their talents to the public. It also hosts millions of songs, tracks across all languages and genres in the library. The app has created playlists for top artists, bands, genres, occasions, more. You can able to stream SoundCloud on Apple TV and experience the songs in the best sound systems.


SoundCloud app offers DJ sets, remixes, freestyles for listening to new kinds of music. It provides two types of subscriptions. They are SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+. The cost of the SoundCloud Go is $4.99 per month and the SoundCloud Go+ is $9.99 per month. It provides ad-free music streaming and offline streaming facilities. You can follow the artists and podcasters in the app to get to know about their new releases.

How to Stream SoundCloud on Apple TV

SoundCloud is not compatible with Apple TV. Yet we have other options to stream SoundCloud on Apple TV and they are AirPlay from iPhone, Mac.

Stream SoundCloud from iPhone

The SoundCloud iPhone app has AirPlay support to stream on the connected device. You have to make sure that the iPhone and the Apple TV are connected to the same internet connection.

(1). Unlock the iPhone and move to the App Store.

(2). Search for the SoundCloud app and download the app on the iPhone.

(3). Launch the SoundCloud app and log in to your account.

(4). Choose the song/ music track to stream and open the Control Centre.

(5). Select the Audio tab in the Control Centre and tap the AirPlay icon.

Click AirPlay to stream SoundCloud on Apple TV

(6). Choose the Apple TV device at the bottom and connect to it for streaming SoundCloud.

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Stream SoundCloud from Mac

You can also stream SoundCloud on Apple TV from Mac using the Desktop Player. The SoundCloud Desktop Player can be installed on the PC from the browser. It requires a common Wi-Fi connection between Mac and Apple TV.

(1). Launch the Mac and open the browser on the Mac.

(2). Visit the SoundCloud website ( and sign in with your SoundCloud account details.

Sign in to SoundCloud account

(3). Click the Install icon in the Address bar at the top.

(4). Select Install to install the SoundCloud Desktop Player on the Mac.

Install SoundCloud on Mac to stream on Apple TV

(5). Launch the SoundCloud app and browse for tracks in the app.

(6). Select them to play and click the Control Centre in the menu at the top.

(7). Choose the AirPlay icon and select the Apple TV to connect.

Hence, you can listen to the SoundCloud streaming on Apple TV. It has charts to rank the top music and podcasts every week. SoundCloud ensures to offer high-quality audio in every song and track.

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