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How to Turn Off Green Light on Apple Watch [All Models]



Green Light on Apple Watch

Blinking green light on the back of your Apple Watch is no issue. It just means that your Apple Watch is monitoring your heart rate. Every Apple Watch user thinks that the green light is the primary reason for faster battery drain. But it’s not the case, as it’s only a heart rate sensor combined with Photodiodes that detects the blood flow to track the heart rate.

However, many users have reported that the green light blinks even when they aren’t wearing the Watch. If the green light frequently blinks on your watchOS device, you can easily turn it Off in the Privacy & Security section of your watchOS.

Primary Reasons for Green Light Blinking on Apple Watch

Your watchOS will flash the green light due to the reasons mentioned below.

Scenario 1: Your Apple Watch frequently monitors your heart rate. During that time, the green light will emit on your watch. Once your Apple Watch reads your heartbeats, the light emission will stop.

Scenario 2: While you are in a breathing or reflection session, the green light will start emitting. You can simply swipe Right on your Apple Watch and hit the End button to disable your heart rate from monitoring.

Scenario 3: When you start a workout session, your heart rate will be monitored, which will, in turn, emit the green light. Likewise, as you did in Scenario 2, just swipe on your Apple Watch to the right and tap the End button.

In other circumstances, when you try to find your watchOS during the nighttime using the Find My app, it will flash a green light.

How to Turn Off Green Light on Apple Watch

You can easily disable the green light on your Watch using the two ways listed below.

From Settings

1. Hit the Digital Crown to turn On your Apple Watch.

2. Go to Settings and hit Privacy & Security.

3. Scroll down and select the Health option.

4. From the Health section, choose Heart Rate.

Toggle off the Heart Rate

5. Tap the toggle button placed near the option Heart Rate. Now, the green light will stop flashing on your watchOS.

Using Watch App

1. Unlock your iPhone and navigate to the Watch app from your iPhone’s Settings.

2. Scroll down and hit the Privacy option.

Select Privacy

3. From the Privacy section, scroll down and toggle off the Heart Rate option.

This will turn off the green light emitting from your watchOS.

Disable green light on Apple Watch

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the green light on Apple Watch?

The green light means that your heart rate is being monitored by your watchOS device.

2. How to turn On the green light on my Apple Watch?

You can simply turn On the Heart Rate feature from your Apple Watch Settings, or you can use the Watch app on your iOS.

3. Is the green light emission safe on AppleWatch?

Yes, the green light emission is completely safe on your watchOS.

4. How to fix the green light not working on Apple Watch?

You might have disabled the Heart Rate feature on your Watch. Enable the Heart Rate feature to fix the green light not working issue.

5. Can I Turn Off the green light on my Apple Watch Series 7?

Yes. You can power Off the green light on your AppleWatch Series 7 in the Privacy & Security section of the device.

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