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How to Set Alarm on Apple Watch [2021]



Alarm on Apple Watch

Apple Watch are a very handy device to have. From your wrist, you can view notifications, attent calls, hear songs, view and reply to the messages, measure heart rate, track daily routines and many more. In addition to that, you can also set alarm on your Apple Watch to remind yourself for meetings, events and more. Let’s discuss more on how to set and delete an alarm on Apple watch.

How to Add or set Alarm on Apple Watch?

#1: Launch the Alarms app on Apple Watch.

#2: Click Add Alarm and select either AM or PM.

Add Alarm on Apple Watch

#3: Use the digital crown on your watch to set the time.

#4: Tap Set to add the alarm. Repeat the same steps to create more alarms.

Add Alarm on Apple Watch

#5: At the chosen time, Apple Watch will alert you with a sound. You can select either Stop or Snooze to turn off.

  • Stop – The alarm will be turned off permanently.
  • Snooze – The alarm sound will come again after a few minutes.
Turn Off Alarm on Apple Watch

Note: If you turned on the silent mode on your Apple Watch, you will be alerted with the vibration instead of the sound.

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Set Alarm using Siri

You can also use the Siri voice assistant to create an alarm on your watch.

#1: Summon Siri on your Apple Watch by saying Hey, Siri.

#2: Then, say Set Alarm at Nine Thirty AM.

Note: Here, we have used 9.30 AM as an example. You can say whatever the time you want.

Edit the Created Alarms on Apple Watch

If you want to edit the created alarms on your Apple Watch, follow these steps:

#1: Open the Alarms app and select the Alarm which you want to edit.

#2: Now, you will have the following options

  • Change Time – Change the time of your alarm
  • Repeat – Option to select whether your alarm to repeat or not
  • Label – Create a label for your alarm
  • Snooze – Turn on/off the snooze option
Edit Alarms on Apple Watch

Delete Alarms on Apple Watch

If you think a particular alarm is not needed, you can delete it with ease.

#1: Launch the alarms app and select the alarm which you need to delete or remove.

#2: Scroll down to the bottom and click the Delete menu.

#3: The alarm will be removed from your Apple Watch.

Delete Alarms on Apple Watch

Note: The above-mentioned will apply for all series of Apple watch including 3, 4 and the latest 5 version.

These are the steps required to add and delete an alarm on all series of Apple watch. If you had queries, drop it in the comments section.

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