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How to Turn Off Siri on Apple Watch [2 Ways]



How to Turn Off Siri on Apple Watch

Apple Watch is the best wearable device that allows you to track fitness and health. Apart from health monitoring, you can take screenshots, set alarms, call a person, and more. One of the best features of the watchOS is Siri. Siri helps you to perform various activities with ease. But everyone does not like it. Sometimes, Siri automatically appears when the user does not summon it. If you want Siri to stop listening to your commands or if you want to completely disable the Siri feature on watchOS, this guide is for you. You can easily disable Siri on Apple Watch in the watch settings. In addition, you can also turn Off Siri by using the Watch app on your iPhone.

How to Disable Siri on Apple Watch

#1. Turn ON the Apple Watch and press the Digital Crown.

#2. Select the Settings icon.

Open Settings

#3. Look for the option Siri and click it.

Choose Siri

#4. Here, you will find three options.

  • Listen for “Hey Siri” – Siri will appear if you say “Hey Siri.”
  • Raise to Speak – Siri will be automatically summoned if you raise the watch to speak.
  • Press Digital Crown – Siri will wake up when you press the digital crown button on the watchOS.
Siri options on Apple Watch

#5. Choose an option and tap the toggle switch to disable it.

#6. If you want to completely disable Siri, tap the toggle buttons placed near the options Listen for “Hey Siri”, Raise to Speak, and Press Digital Crown.

#7. Finally, tap the option Turn Off Siri to disable Siri on your watchOS device.

How to Turn Off Siri on Apple Watch using Watch App

#1. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone or iPad.

#2. Navigate to the My Watch tab and tap Siri.

Choose the Siri option

#3. Tap the toggle button near the option Listen for “Hey Siri”, Raise to Speak, and Press Digital Crown to disable it.

Siri option

#4. Instead of disabling all the options, you can choose an option to limit the Siri function.

Note: If Siri is not disabled, unpair your Apple Watch and repair it again.

How to Delete Siri History on the Apple Watch

Siri keeps track of your data and stores it for up to 6 months. You can delete the history by following the steps below.

1. Navigate to the Settings app on your Apple Watch.

Choose Siri

2. Go to Siri and tap on Siri History.

Select Siri History on Apple Watch

3. Click on Delete Siri History to complete the deletion.

Choose the Delete Siri History option

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I deactivate Siri on Apple Watch?

Yes, you can deactivate Siri on Apple Watch in the device settings or by using the Watch app.

2. How to disable dictation on Apple Watch?

Go to Settings on Apple Watch → Choose General → tap the toggle button near Dictation → Select Turn Off Dictation.

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