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How to Turn on Your Apple Watch



How to Turn on Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a smartwatch launched by Apple Inc in 2015. It became popular with more than 100 million users around the world. It enhances your way to lead a healthy life with fitness tracking. It can also perform wireless communication with the help of the iPhone you paired with it. However, it has a problem that the screen will be turned off by itself when inactive. To use it each time, you want to turn it on using the digital crown. But, you can choose to always turn on your Apple Watch by changing the settings, or you can make it easy to turn on. The procedure is simple, and we have shown you two ways to turn on your Apple Watch.

How to Turn on Your Apple Watch

You can turn on the device by simply clicking on the side button. But there are alternative ways to keep or make your Apple Watch on. They are:

  • Turn on Always on option
  • Use the Wake screen option

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Turn on Always on Option

1. Open Settings on your Watch to select Display and Brightness on that menu.

2. In the Display and Brightness section, select the always-on option and turn it on.

3. Now, your device will never enter sleep mode, and it will always be turned on.

4. Alternatively, you can use your iOS device connected to your Watch to enable this option in the Watch app.

5. You can set a time to prevent the device from entering sleep mode.

6. To do it, navigate to Settings and select the General option in the settings. In the General menu, select the Wakeup option, and you can set time-based on your preference to turn on the device even when it is inactive.

7. Now, you can set a time or use the “Always on” to turn on the Apple watch.

How to Turn On Apple Watch

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Use the Wakeup Screen option

You can turn on your device by simply raising your wrist. To activate this, you have to make some changes in settings. The steps to activate the wakeup screen option are:

1. Go to settings and navigate to the General option.

2. Under the general menu, select Wake Screen.

3. Turn on the wake screen on crown up.

4. Now, you will be able to turn on your device just by lifting your wrist.

These are the methods that you can use to turn on your Apple Watch. Hope you have found this section helpful and interesting. For more such useful article updates, visit regularly.

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