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How to Play Spotify Music on Apple Watch



Spotify on Apple Watch

Quick Answer

  • You can get Spotify only on the Apple Watch that runs watchOS 7.0 or higher.
  • Install the app: Press the Digital Crown → Open App Store → Search for Spotify → Tap Get.
  • Use the app: Open the Spotify app → Browse the Library → Play a Song.

Spotify is compatible with the Apple Watch Series 3 or above. To install the app, your Apple Watch must have a watchOS 7.0 or higher version. You can either directly install the app on your watch or get the app from your iPhone.

Spotify allows you to stream millions of songs and podcasts. You can listen to Spotify music for free with ads. To get ad-free listening and other features, you need to buy Spotify Premium.

In this article, you will learn how to get the Spotify app on your Apple Watch. We have also included a separate guide to download the playlist to listen to songs offline on your watch.

How to Install Spotify on Apple Watch Without iPhone

You can install the Spotify app on your Apple Watch Series 3, SE, Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, Series 7, and Series 8, including the latest model Apple Watch Ultra. If your Apple Watch has a Cellular feature, you can install the Spotify app without using the phone.

1. Long press the Digital Crown to launch the home screen.

2. Hit the App Store and search for the Spotify app.

Get the Spotify app on Apple Watch

3. Click on Get and double-click the Side button to install the app.

4. After installation, tap on Open and start streaming your favorite songs on your Apple Watch.

How to Get Spotify on Apple Watch Using iPhone

To begin with the steps, you need to pair your iPhone and the Apple Watch.

1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on the My Watch tab and select Spotify under Available Apps. If you don’t have the app, install the Spotify app from the App Store.

3. Tap Install to get the app on your Smart Watch.

Install Spotify on Apple Watch

4. Open the App Grid on your Watch and search for the Spotify app.

5. Start playing the songs on your Apple Watch.

How to Use Spotify on Apple Watch

Follow the steps to play Spotify songs on your Apple Watch without using your iPhone. As of now, only Spotify Premium users can play songs and podcasts directly from the Watch. It is not available for free users. Then, pair any Bluetooth headphones to your Apple Watch to get the sound.

1. Unlock your Apple Watch and launch the Spotify app.

2. Open the app, hit the Library, and browse any of the songs.

3. Play the song. Now, you can start streaming your favorite playlist on your Apple Watch.

How to Download Spotify Playlist on your Apple Watch

There are two methods to download a playlist from Spotify on your Watch.

  • From iPhone
  • From Watch

Download Playlist from iPhone

1. Open the Spotify app on your iPhone and head to the Library.

2. Select the playlist or podcasts that you need to download on your Watch.

3. Choose your playlist, podcast, or album and click the Three-dot icon.

Click on the Three dot icon

4. Tap on Download to Watch. The playlist will be downloaded on your Apple Watch and you can listen to them offline.

Download Spotify Playlist from Apple Watch Without iPhone

1. Go to the Home screen on your Apple Watch.

2. Launch the Spotify app and select the playlist that you want to download.

3. Tap on the Download icon to download the playlist on your Watch. All the downloaded songs will appear in the Downloads folder.

Note: You can download only 100 songs per playlist or 10 hours of music on your Apple Watch. It may vary based on your watch model.

4. Now, pair Bluetooth headphones with the Apple Watch and listen to songs offline.

How to Use Spotify Connect on Apple Watch

Using Spotify Connect, you can access the app on your iPhone from the Watch.

1. Open the Spotify app on your Smart Watch.

2. Press the Device icon (Spotify Connect) at the bottom of the screen.

Click on Devices icon on Spotify on Apple Watch

3. Select the Device on which you wish to play the song.

Now, you can stream the music on your desired devices. Note that you have to reconnect to the device if you pause the song for more than 10 minutes.

Subscription Plan of Spotify

Get the Spotify plans from the official website of Spotify ( Though Spotify is free, with the premium plan, you can get features like ad-free listening, downloading songs, and streaming up to 6 devices per account.

Subscription PlanPriceFree TrialNumber of Accounts
Individual$10.99/month3 months1
Duo$14.99/month1 month2
Family$16.99/month1 month6
Student$5.99/month3 months1

In case you are unhappy with Spotify, you can cancel your Spotify Premium subscription at any time.

How to Fix Spotify Not Working on Apple Watch

If the Spotify offline playback is not working on the Apple Watch or if the download fails on the Spotify app, you can resolve the complications by following the troubleshooting methods here.

  • Make sure to connect the Apple Watch and iPhone to the same WiFi connection.
  • Update the Spotify app to the latest version to fix the loading issues.
  • Restart the Apple Watch to fix the minor bugs.
  • Update the Apple Watch to the latest version to resolve the problem.
  • Uninstall and install the Spotify app on your watch.
  • Unpair your iPhone and Apple Watch and pair it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to put Spotify on the Apple Watch face?

Go to the Watch app on your iPhone, click Face Gallery, and click Edit and Complications. Select Spotify to add it to the home screen’s complications.

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