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How to Install and Play Spotify on Apple Watch



Spotify on Apple Watch

Spotify is a music streaming service that allows you to play millions of songs, podcasts, music videos, and many more. With the premium subscription, you can enjoy ad-free music and download songs for offline streaming. On Spotify, you can search for the top songs from different genres, places, and artists. Does Spotify work on Apple Watch? Yes. Users with Spotify premium subscriptions can stream their favorite music directly from the Apple Watch.

Steps to Get Spotify on Apple Watch

To stream Spotify music on Apple Watch, you have to install the latest version of the Spotify app.

Step1: Install the latest version of the Spotify app on your paired iPhone.

Step2: Place the Apple Watch on its charger. On your iPhone, open the Watch app which you have used to set up Apple Watch.

open Apple Watch.

Step3: Click the My Watch section.

 My Watch section.

Step4: Under the Available Apps section, navigate and select the Spotify app.

Step5: Tap Install, and the Spotify app will be installed on your Apple Watch immediately based on your internet connection speed.

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Steps to Play Spotify on Apple Watch

Step1: Remove the Apple Watch from its charger and go to the Apps section. Find and open the Spotify app.

Spotify on Apple Watch

Step2: Browse the music that you want to play in your library and select the song to play.

Step3: From Apple Watch itself, you can access controls like play, pause, forward, and backward options. You can also shuffle the playlist using the toggle at the bottom of the screen.

Spotify on Apple Watch:  shuffle the playlist

Moreover, the Spotify app on Apple Watch will be launched automatically whenever you have played songs on the iPhone version of Spotify.

Steps to Download Spotify Music to Apple Watch

Step1: Open the Spotify app on your iPhone.

Step2: Go to the library and find the playlist that you want to download to your watch.

Step3: Select the playlist or album and click the three-dotted menu. Select Download.

Step4: Once it gets downloaded, a little green arrow will appear next to its name.

Steps to Add Songs to Spotify Library

Step1: Open the Spotify app on Apple Watch.

Step2: On your Apple Watch, click on the Heart icon.

click on the Heart icon

Step3: Choose the songs and add them to the Spotify library.

Step4: To fetch them, go to the songs list in the Spotify library.

Steps to Play Spotify Songs on Other Devices

Step1: Turn on your Apple Watch connected to the iPhone.

Step2: Open the Spotify app.

Step3: Tap the Spotify connect button on the lower right side.

 Spotify contact button

Step4: Choose the audio device like a speaker. The device must be connected to the WiFi network where your Apple Watch was connected.

Spotify on Apple Watch: connect Speaker

Step5: Select the song that you want to play and click on the play button.

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To Play Spotify songs from your wrist, you need a premium subscription. At the same time, you must need an Apple Watch Series 3 or later, and it must run on watchOS 6.0 & above. You also need a standard cellular or WiFi connection to play the songs.

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