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Best News Apps for Apple TV in 2022



best news apps for apple tv

As one of the leading streaming platforms, Apple TV rarely fails to deliver. The latest model, Apple TV 4K, allows you to stream content in 4K, making the viewing experience pleasant. Apple TV has a dedicated App Store with apps to cover everything from information to entertainment. Keeping tabs on the latest news from all over the globe is a hassle-free task with Apple TV, as the App Store hosts many news apps for all the leading news networks in the country. If you prefer listening to the news, you will find the availability of news from multiple sources. But from all the news apps out there, how to pick the best apps for you? In this article, we have listed the best news apps for Apple TV. You can select any of them based on the features it includes to stay up-to-date with the things happening around you.

Best News Apps for Apple TV

Below is the list of the best news apps for Apple TV.

CBS News

CBS News brings you up-to-date clips about everything that is going on in the news currently. Whether your interest lies in politics, business, or entertainment, CBS News is your go-to app regardless. The CBS News app also offers a live stream feature to catch up on live news anywhere. The live feed feature is ad-supported, but it’s nothing to complain about since the app is free.

  • Download the CBS News app from the App Store.
CBS News app for Apple TV

Haystack TV

Haystack TV is slightly different from its peers when it comes to delivering the news. This app brings you news clips from different sources based on the topics you choose. So your news feed will be customized to serve your interests. Once you have selected the topics that interest you the most, Haystack TV will bring you the news on related topics making it interesting rather than sorting through everything.

  • Download the Haystack TV app from the App Store.
Haystack TV

Sky News

Sky News, as usual, brings you all the important news from around the world. If you are familiar with the Sky News app on any device, you will be delighted to use the Sky News app on the new Apple TV. The app keeps tabs on the topics you are interested in and brings you news on related topics. It also offers you a live stream of the channel in HD. To catch up on international news live stream is the best option for you.

Download the Sky News app from the App Store.

Sky News app for Apple TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV might generally be a news app. However, the app doesn’t primarily focus on news. However, it’s hard to write off Pluto TV from the list as it gives you access to a bundle of news channels, giving you a choice to choose from several newsfeeds. The bundle includes Sky News, Newsmax TV,  Newsy, Wochit, RT America, Business News 24/7, The Young Turks, NBC News, and more.

Pluto TV for Apple TV

NBC News

Downloading the NBC News app is a must if you are looking for news feeds in multiple categories. This app is NBC Universal’s news channel and brings you everything you need to catch up from there. The most attractive feature of this app is that the newsfeed is divided into multiple categories making navigating the news much easier. This allows you to focus on individual topics like choosing politics, business, or maybe just international news.

  • Download the NBC News app from the App Store.
NBC News app

CNN News

CNN News is the most famous free news network in America. Apart from news from the United States, you can also access world news 24/7 in HD. There are also many interesting CNN-exclusive programs that you can watch, making this app a great pick for your Apple TV.

Download the CNN News app from the App Store.

CNN News app

ABC News

Besides general news, you can also indulge in daily shows and entertainment with the ABC News app on your Apple TV. Daily shows like World News America and Nightline are available for your viewing pleasure through this app. If you are looking for an app to bring you all the news from around the globe, this app is a must-have.

  • Download the ABC News app from the App Store.
Abs News app for Apple TV


Unlike the standard news apps, Bloomberg focuses on business news. With Bloomberg on your Apple TV, you can watch anything related to business. Bloomberg is one of the best business news sites globally, with topics ranging from finance to technology. In addition, you can watch Bloomberg and be updated on business news from around the globe. Along with all this, the Bloomberg app brings you one-on-one interviews with business giants worldwide, making this app a top-tier pick for business news.

  • Download the Bloomberg app from the App Store.
Bloomberg app

BBC News

BBC News is one of the top news industries in the World. If you are looking for the best News app for your Apple TV, then BBC News will be the better choice. You can stream plenty of trending information and news using the BBC News app.

Important Update: Unfortunately, BBC News is not available on Apple TV. You have to use Airplay to stream the content on your Apple TV.

Fox News

Fox News is yet another best news apps for your Apple TV. With a valid subscription, you can stream all the current news updates on your Fox News application. It is one of the most famous and interesting News apps, with plenty of users across the globe.

  • Download the Fox News app from the App Store.


If you want to stay tuned to the latest breaking news on your Apple TV, you shall get MSNBC. It is officially available, and you can get it from the App Store directly. You can watch the latest breaking news at any time. It even covers live news, including political news. Besides this, you shall also stream the live and catchup of MSNBC shows. With the TV provider subscription, you shall stream the live and VOD titles.

Best News Apps on Apple TV

USA Today

Get notified of the breaking news with USA Today. It will notify you of the new and latest news. Following the politics notification, you will not miss out on any story. By turning on the breaking alerts, you will never miss the world’s happenings. Besides this, USA Today will also update the sports news and highlights. Further, you shall find out the local weather updates with this app.

Best News Apps on Apple TV-USA Today
  • Download the USA Today app from the App Store.

Washington Post

One of the best news apps for Apple TV is the Washington Post. It provides 24/7 news updates, and you will get expert coverage from the post journalists. Washinton Post supports customized alerts, and you will get instant notifications when the news breaks. In addition to the news, you will also find original podcasts, audio articles, and more. With the curated feed, you will find the news that matters to you.

Best News Apps on Apple TV-WP
  • Download the Washington Post app from the App Store.

Hope this article brought you everything you need to know about the best news apps for Apple TV. You can go through the apps and find the best ones that suit your taste.

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