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How to Download and Stream FXNOW on Apple TV



FXNOW on Apple TV

FXNOW is a popular on-demand video streaming service in Canada. It is a subsidiary company of the media giant Walt Disney. FXNOW has produced over 300 films in multiple languages. Moreover, it also brings you channels of all genres in 45 languages. It includes popular channels like Fox, National Geography, FX, Baby TV, etc. You can watch FXNOW on Apple TV by installing the app from the App Store. As FXNOW supports AirPlay, you can also cast the app on your tvOS and watch the FXNOW videos on Apple TV without installing the app.

How to Install FXNOW on Apple TV

FXNow is available officially on the App Store. You can download it directly on your device.

1. Turn On the Apple TV and connect the Apple TV to a WiFi.

2. Press the Home button on your Apple TV remote.

3. Open the App Store from the home screen on your AppleTV.

Open App Store on Apple TV

4. Select the Search tab and type FXNOW using the on-screen keyboard.

Search for FXNOW

5. Choose FXNOW from the search results.

6. Click Get on the app info page to install the app on Apple TV.

How to Watch FXNOW on Apple TV

To stream FXNOW content on tvOS, you must activate the app on Apple TV.

1. Once installed, launch the FXNOW app on your tvOS.

2. A code will be displayed on the TV screen.

3. Note down the code and launch a browser.

4. Visit the FXNOW activation website and enter the code in the respective box.

Activate FXNOW

5. Hit the Continue button and sign in to the app using your TV provider’s login details.

6. Now, refresh the FXNOW app on your AppleTV and play any content to watch it on a big screen.

Watch FXNOW on Apple TV

How to Cast FXNOW on Apple TV

Alternatively, you can cast FXNOW on tvOS from your iPhone/iPad. To do it, follow the steps below.

1. Ensure that your iPhone or iPad and your Apple TV are connected to the same WiFi network.

2. Next, open the FXNOW app on your Apple device (iPhone or iPad), and log in to your account.

3. Then, tap the Cast icon on the app’s home page.

Tap the Cast icon

4. Hit the name of your Apple TV to cast the app.

5. Once the connection is established, play any content on the FXNOW app and watch it on your tvOS screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FXNOW available on Apple TV?

Yes. You can download the FXNOW app from the App Store.

How to fix FXNOW not working on Apple TV?

If the FXNOW app is not working on your tvOS, refer to the below fixes.
Update the app on Apple TV.
☆ Restart your Apple TV and try again.
★ Uninstall and reinstall the FXNOW on AppleTV.
Update the tvOS to the latest version.

Is FXNOW free to use?

FXNOW is free to download and use with your TV provider details.

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