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How to Change WIFI Network on your Apple TV



How to Change WiFi on Apple TV

WIFI is the first thing you have to hook up to stream the contents of Apple TV. If you have shifted to a new WIFI network, you must teach your device to connect to the new WIFI network for the first time. It is essential for the user to know how to change the WIFI settings on Apple TV. Additionally, it is vital to allow your Apple TV to forget the previously connected WIFI networks to stop accidental connecting issues.

How to Change WIFI Network on Apple TV

You can change the WIFI network on your Apple TV either by selecting from the available networks or by entering the name of the network manually.

1). On your Apple TV, open the Settings app and choose General.

How to change Wifi on Apple TV - General Settings

2). Then, choose the Network option.

How to change Wifi on Apple TV - Network Settings

3). Then, select on Wi-Fi option.

How to change Wifi on Apple TV

4). You can select any network from the list of WIFI options available will be displayed on your Apple TV.

5). Instead of selecting the available networks, you can also type the WIFI network name manually by choosing the Other option from the list.

How to change Wifi network on Apple TV

6). Then, enter the password for the selected WIFI Network and then click Done.

How to change Wifi password on Apple TV

7). Finally, click OK to connect to the selected WIFI Network.

Note: If you are taking a vacation, you can carry your Apple TV and connect your Apple TV to hotel WIFI.

How to Connect an Apple TV to WIFI Without Remote

If your Apple TV remote is not working or you have misplaced or lost it somewhere, then no worries. Apple service has developed an inbuilt remote app on your iPhone to control your Apple TV. If you own an iPhone, controlling your Apple TV using your phone takes minutes. Let’s see how you can use your iPhone as a remote control device for your Apple TV.

1). Make a wired connection between your router and Apple TV using an Ethernet cable.

2). Also, connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network associated with your router.

3). On your iPhone, open the Settings app and Control Center.

4). Check for the Apple TV Remote among the list of Included Controls.

5). If your Apple TV Remote is not included, tap on the Plus sign next to More Controls.

6). On your Control Center, you can access the Remote app by

  • iOS 12 and newer: Swipe down the iPhone screen from the upper-right corner.
  • iOS 11 and newer: Swipe up the iPhone screen from the bottom.

7). Then, choose the Apple TV Remote icon and then choose Apple TV from the menu.

8). Now, enter the four-digit code which appears on the TV screen on your iPhone.

How to change Wifi on Apple TV without remote

9). After entering the code, the Remote app will get paired to your Apple TV.

Now, you can control your Apple TV using your phone. You can disconnect the Ethernet cable and access the Network Settings on your Apple TV to change WIFI Settings using your iPhone. You can also use this feature on your Android smartphones by installing some third-party apps from the Google Play Store, as Android devices have no inbuilt remote app to control apple TV.

How to Remove/Forget a Network on Apple TV

You have to remove the existing or previously used WIFI network from your Apple TV to avoid an accidental connection to that network.

1). On your Apple TV, go to the Settings app.

2). Under the settings menu, choose the Network option.

3). Then, select the WIFI option.

4). Choose a network you want your Apple TV to forget and select Forget Network.

How to change Wifi on Apple TV - Forget Network

5). Now, your Apple TV will forget the selected network and will no longer automatically connect to the forgotten same in the future.

Note that the forgotten network will be listed on the available networks list. You can connect to it by selecting the network name whenever needed.

You can change the WIFI settings by the above methods and connect your Apple TV to the required network to stream your favorite movies and shows on Apple TV. If you find trouble connecting your Apple TV to WIFI, then update or reset your Apple TV. You can also check the Apple TV server system status to check whether the issue is on your side or the server side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can my Apple TV not connect to WIFI?

If you find trouble connecting to the WIFI network on your Apple TV, then check for the availability of Apple TV updates. To check, go to Settings > General > Update Software. If an update is available, update it and then try connecting your device to the WIFI network again.

What can I do when my Apple TV is connected to WIFI but not working?

Check whether there are any service interruptions. If there are no interruptions, check for updates and update your device. You can also try resetting your Apple TV.

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