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How to Connect Apple TV to TV Without HDMI



If you love watching Apple TV content and want to connect the Apple TV box to your non-HDMI TV display, here is the good news for you. Apple offers an option to connect your TV with the Apple TV that doesn’t support HDMI. So let’s see how you can pair your TV by using the appropriate adaptor device to get Apple TV on your TV.

How to Connect Apple TV to TV Without HDMI

You can connect Apple TV to a TV without an HDMI cable easily by the supporting device mentioned below.

  • Using a digital AV adapter
  • Using a VGA/RCA adapter


There are specific pre-requisite with which you can connect your Apple TV box to your TV.

  • High definition TV (1080p or higher)
  • Apple TV Box.
  • HDMI cable cord.
  • HDMI to AV/VGA Adapter or RCA Adapter.
  • USB power jack.

How to Connect Apple TV to TV Without Direct HDMI

You can connect your Apple TV to the TV without using the HDMI cable with the following means.

VGA Adapter

VGA refers to the Video Graphics Array (VGA) cable employed to carry visual display data. A VGA cable set constitutes a cable and a connector at each end. The 4th generation Apple TV don’t support powering to HDMI, HDMI to VGA adapter cable comes up with a feature to get powered by an external power source, via USB. You can use this VGA cable if your TV is VGA compatible. You can connect an Apple TV using an active HDMI to a VGA adaptor. However, most devices include HDCP on the HDMI signal, which leads to issues while watching copyrighted content. And also, you need a 3.5mm male-to-male cable to connect the audio slot in the adaptor to receive the audio signals from the Apple TV.

How to Connect Apple TV to TV Without HDMI

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AV/RCA Adapter

When you have an old TV version that only has RCA or AV ports and the color-coded ports, use AV or RCA cables along with standard HDMI cables. The RCA connector, also known as the RCA Phono connector, is widely used to carry audio and video signals on old TVs. You can connect an Apple TV to a TV with RCA ports using an HDMI to RCA active adapter. Like VGA, the RCA adapter is powered by an extra power source through USB. These RCA adaptors support upscaling up to 1080 Pixels. RCA adapters do not support videos with resolution and refresh rates higher than 1080P. However, these cable extracts audio, and you don’t need any extra cable to transmit the audio.

DVI Adapter

You can also use a DVI adapter to connect Apple TV to your TV if it has a DVI port. DVI refers to Digital Visual Interface and is a unique adapter that carries both analog and digital signals and offers a better picture quality than VGA adapters. With a DVI converter, you do not need any active HDMI to DVI converter box as all DVI connectors except DVI-A support digital signals and work similarly to HDMI. You can use a cheaper physical HDMI to DVI adapter instead of an expensive converter box to match your TV and Apple TV’s port, including audio ports.

HDMI to DVI converter

SCART Connector

SCART is an analog connector that uses a 21-pin connection to handle standard-definition video signals. It is a bidirectional connector between two AV devices for data transmission. To transmit data using SCART, you must use a powered adapter to convert the digital signal from the HDMI port to an analog signal.

How to connect Apple TV to TV Without HDMI

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How to Connect Apple TV to TV using Adaptor

You can use any of the above cables to connect your Apple TV to your TV by the simple steps below.

1). Connect the one-side HDMI cord to the HDMI input jack on the back of the Apple TV Box.

2). Plug in the other side of the HDMI cable to the input port of the respective adapter supported by your TV.

3). Insert one end of the audio & video cables to the ports on the backside of the adapter.

4). Now, put the other end of the audio & video cables to the Apple TV ports.

5). Then, plugin the bigger end of the USB cable to the power source and the tiny end of the USB cable to the USB port available on the adapter you are using.

How to connect Apple TV to TV Without HDMI

6). Upon connecting Apple TV to your TV, you can turn on your Apple TV to find the suitable option in the input menu to stream it to your TV.

You can pair your Apple TV box with any of your High definition TV by using the above-mentioned adapter to bring the same quality in audio and video. However, many of the users have reported a video distortion issue when they try connecting Apple TV to older HDTVs. So, while attempting to use Apple TV on older TV models, ensure that your TV is compatible with the adapter you were using.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect more HDMI devices on TV?

You can connect multiple HDMI devices on your TV with one HDMI port TV by using an HDMI splitter device.

Can I connect Apple TV with USB?

No. You can’t connect Apple TV with USB, as the Apple TV 4K does not support USB ports. And also, the USB port available on the older models is used only for resetting the TV to factory settings.

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