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The Best Apps to Learn Spanish in 2022



Best Apps to Learn Spanish (2)

Learning a second—or possibly third—new language like Spanish can be extremely hard but exciting still. Spanish is spoken by over 500 million individuals around the world. Many people are currently learning Spanish by attending classes or taking online courses.

However, using Spanish apps is one of the most productive ways of learning a new language. Some of these apps are usable or accessible on Android and iOS devices. This makes it easier for you to improve and learn your Spanish even while you’re on the go.

Many of the apps for learning Spanish teach using various learning methods and styles. This includes listening to several podcasts delivered in the Spanish language or reading Spanish blog posts. You may also learn via taking group or individual virtual classes.

Learning the Spanish language grants you many opportunities. It significantly enhances your resume on every side. For instance, you’ll be capable of communicating fluently with Spanish natives whenever you visit a Spanish-speaking country. By consistently practicing your Spanish speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills, you become more and more articulate.

Top 5 Apps for Learning Spanish

If you’re fully prepared or ready to learn how to speak Spanish fluently, take advantage of the best applications to learn the Spanish language in 2022, including:

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is practically the only language-learning application that uses games to teach languages. It comes with over 30 languages you can learn, including your beloved Spanish language.

Since language learning is gamified on this app, you have to undergo a series of difficulties and levels to incorporate Spanish learning skills.

Learning Spanish on this app starts with the basics, such as common words, phrases, etc. Then you move on to the complex areas such as datives, possessives, conjunctions, locatives, adverbs, etc. You can learn to translate a Spanish sentence into English and vice versa.

Duolingo makes learning the Spanish language more enjoyable and manageable as you learn through short lessons. Free access to lessons on this platform grants you an unlimited number of mistakes for each lesson.

You can upgrade from free access to Duolingo Plus, which costs $7 per month for unlimited mistakes per lesson. You can also make use of in-game currency to purchase more.

2. Babbel

Babbel is a language-learning app loaded with reading exercises, live conversations in lessons as well as vocabulary drills that you can always repeat time after time. The application’s adaptive and innovative algorithm readily adjusts to a difficulty level primarily based on every previous answer you provided. This ensures that you fully harness every Spanish teaching or lesson the app throws at you.

Babbel offers easy and quick 10–15-minute Spanish lessons. You’ll encounter well-spaced repetitions that’ll help you remember every new Spanish word long-term. You’ll also engage actively in highly interactive dialogues that allow you to practice the Spanish language in everyday conversations.

Babbel offers a free trial for prospective users. It comes with a $13.95 per month subscription. But you get to pay a lot less by paying for a longer subscription.

Best Apps to Learn Spanish (2)

3. Memrise

Memrise is a fun Spanish language-learning application as it follows a playful approach to teaching Spanish. This app uses a variety of video clips, games, and quizzes to convey Spanish language lessons to users.

Memrise focuses primarily on teaching you simple Spanish phrases and words, avoiding inundation with Spanish grammar. You’ll get to watch videos made in Spanish and listen to Spanish audio clips. The primary goal is to gently immerse you into how Spanish is naturally spoken, just like native speakers.

You can even boost your memory and skills in Spanish by playing several games. Memrise works offline, but only if you subscribe to the premium plan, which costs $9 per month.

4. Mondly

If you’re a beginner, i.e., you have no experience and want to learn Spanish from scratch, the Mondly language-learning application is just perfect. Its interface is user-friendly and comes with excellent voice recognition. Mondly has over 60 hours of solid content, starting with teaching you basic Spanish.

Mondly has a free version as well as a premium, i.e., paid version. The free version of this language-learning app has only basic Spanish content. You’ll get a sneak preview of how to use the language learning application.

Mondly’s premium version starts from $9.99 per month. However, you’ll pay less if you opt for a longer subscription, and you’ll have access to everything, including every Spanish exercise and lesson.

5. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is also one of the top-ranked Spanish language-learning applications. Users can even learn two versions of Spanish — Spanish from Spain and Latin American Spanish.

This unique app offers an extensive approach to teaching Spanish. Despite this, the overall course and lessons within the application are engaging and fun for every user.

This is no ordinary language-learning application — Rosetta Stone immerses you entirely into Spanish, leaving you with no English translations. In fact, you won’t have access to any other language translation. The application teaches you Spanish, and you get to learn the language just as a growing child would.

Rosetta Stone offers a mixture of Spanish stories, phrasebooks, and ten-minute lessons. You’ll also find the option of taking Spanish lessons from a live tutor.

You can access most of Rosetta Stone’s unique features via a subscription that costs over $9 per month or $110 per annum.


Most of these Spanish language-learning offer various learning styles, vocabulary, or grammar methods that you can utilize on the go or at your convenience.

You can download, install, and register on any of these apps whose features you fancy. Consider using any Spanish language learning application that offers free trials for prospective users. This gives you the utmost chance to try out the features of the Spanish language learning app.

You’ll also be exposed to the Spanish application’s various teaching styles/methods. That’ll make it easier for you to decide whether to stick to the Spanish language-learning app or opt for another.

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