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13 Best Web Browsers for Mac [2023]



Best Browsers For Mac

Without browsers, you can’t surf the internet. Browsers are a very important tool that enables users to browse information by accessing sites, searching for a specific thing, performing day-to-day activities, and more. Also, browsers provide many customization options in settings, appearance, and privacy for users. On Mac, you will get Safari as the default browser. Unlike other OS, you can’t uninstall Safari on Mac as the browser is integrated with the macOS. If you wish to try a new browser apart from Safari, we have compiled a list of the best browsers for your Mac and MacBook device.

Best Web Browsers for MacBook

From these 13 best browsers, you can install and use any browser on Mac from the Mac App Store or from the official website of the browser.

  • Safari browser
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Arc
  • Vivaldi
  • Opera browser
  • Brave browser
  • Edge Chromium
  • Puffin
  • Tor browser
  • Avast secure browser
  • Maxthon
  • Yandex

Safari Browser

Safari for Mac

Safari Browser is a default browser for Mac developed by Apple, Inc. The browser supports only macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. Safari can load web pages faster and is extremely compact, unlike other web browsers. Therefore, it is ideal for those who prefer safe online payments using the built-in Apple Pay feature. Moreover, you can use the Safari browser for its security and privacy features.

Hardware optimizationNo customization tools
Handoff feature for unlimited browsingOnly for Apple devices
Sleeky user interfaceLimited extensions

Download Safari browser

Google Chrome

Google Chrome - Best Browser for Mac

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers for Mac, used by millions of users worldwide. The browser has many features, such as extensions, customization, multi-tasking, and cross-device integration. Chrome also provides access to Google services and accounts with the Auto-Sync feature. In addition, it supports automatic translation with Google translate. You can also install VPN in the form of extensions to unblock websites on Chrome. Therefore, Chrome is one of the must-try browsers on Mac.

Super fast browsingPrivacy issues
User-friendly interfaceConsumes more CPU and RAM
Sync across devicesSet to default browser to load HTML pages offline
Google Apps IntegrationTracks personal data for Ads

Download the Google Chrome browser

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox for Mac

Firefox Browser was launched in 2003 by the Mozilla Foundation. It is highly secure and can protect your privacy with many security features. Firefox blocks more than 2000 trackers daily, and you can also enable add-ons to customize your browsing experience. Moreover, you can easily access websites like Wikipedia, Twitter, and Amazon with home screen shortcuts. You can also change the search engine on the Firefox browser based on your preference.

Advanced SecurityCompatibility issues
Well-optimized browsingConsumption of CPU and RAM
6000+ extensionsNo Resume Downloads
Supports Multi-taskingLacks in HTML5 reading

Download Firefox browser


Arc browser

Arc browser is an all-in-one browser with a Chromium-based engine, modern UI, and customization features. It is one of the most powerful browsers that lets you add or import bookmarks, manage extensions, and clear history or cookies. You can open a mini browser using a simple command (Command + N). Arc browser offers a beta version exclusively for Mac users, and it may get launched for Windows in the near future. To get the Arc browser, you must request an invite link from the student arc webpage.

Built-in Notes optionBeta testing is available only for Mac
Easily multitask between tabs Requires an invite to get the browser
Get a personalized interface


Vivaldi Browser

The Vivaldi web browser is created by Vivaldi Technologies. It is supported by Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. Unfortunately, the browser is not available for iOS users. Vivaldi is another browser that was built on the Chromium engine. It is perfect for taking notes and screenshots. In addition, it supports customization using Chrome plugins. It includes additional features such as Mail client, Adblocker, split screen, and more.

Blocks unwanted adsNo sync feature
Built-in translation toolLess speed
Supports Chrome web storeConsumes more RAM
Default Mail clientImporting bookmarks is difficult

Download Vivaldi

Opera Browser

Opera Browser is a chromium-based web browser developed by Opera and is known for its lightweight feature. You can use Opera on Mac as it offers plenty of features, such as Adblocker, Crypto Wallet, etc., for free. In addition, Opera uses a built-in ad blocker to speed up your browsing without interference. Moreover, it has a free VPN to unblock geo-restricted websites with high security. You can also customize web pages by enabling Javascript on Opera.

Consumes less RAMBlocked in China, Saudi Arabia, and UAE
Multiple layers of securityForces users to enable location
Cloud computing technologyNo extensions
Virtual trackpad and gamepadNo device synchronization

Download Opera

Brave Browser

Brave Browser for Mac

Brave Browser is capable of loading web pages faster as possible and is known for its high privacy features. It is similar to the Chromium web browser. However, Brave enhances the browsing experience by blocking advertisements and trackers by default. It also allows users to turn ON optional ads to gain Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for cryptocurrency. Similar to Firefox, you can also change the default search engine on Brave to enhance your browsing experience. You can try using Brave on Mac for its plenty of features.

Built-in ad blockingLack of add-ons
Brave PaymentsUnfair to content creators
Earn rewards by viewing adsLimited extensions
IPFS integrationInterruptions for some websites

Download Brave browser

Edge Chromium

Edge Chromium

Microsoft Edge is a popular web browser developed by Microsoft. It replaces Chromium-based Internet Explorer 11. Edge features numerous shortcuts on the home screen to navigate through sites on the go. It also has a password manager to store your sensitive information safe. One of the best features is that you can turn on IE mode on Edge to use legacy and modern sites in a single browser. However, you can use the Edge browser only for basic browsing purposes as the browser lacks speed on high usage.

Easy-to-use browserLimited Extensions
Distraction-free reading modeLess speed
It consumes less memoryBing as a default browser

Download Microsoft Edge


Puffin Web Browser

The Puffin web browser was developed by CloudMosa in 2010. It has the potential to safeguard devices against cyber threats or malware breaches. Puffin is most recommended for those who mean privacy and security a lot. In addition, you can even enable the data saver to load web pages quickly. The browser can be installed on various solutions such as Family, Business, Education, and Enterprise. You can try using the Puffin browser as an alternative to Safari. The browser is available in free and paid versions.

Consumes less RAMBlocked in China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Crimea
Multiple layers of securityForces users to enable location
Cloud computing technologyNo extensions
Virtual trackpad and gamepadNo device synchronization

Download Puffin

Tor Browser

Tor Browser uses the Tor network to browse the internet anonymously. In addition, it blocks trackers and hides your activity from third-party websites. It is also protected with multi-layered encryption for a safe internet experience. Tor Browser can even bypass internet censorship. You can use the Tor browser on Mac if you are focused only on privacy features.

Anonymous BrowsingLoads web pages slower
HTTPS EncryptionDoubtful maintenance
Protects from Tracking and SurveillanceAware of Red Flags
Unblock geo-restrictionProtection only for Tor Browser

Download Tor browser

Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser

Avast is one of the best browsers for Mac that utilizes a built-in ad-blocker to load websites faster. The browser is designed by Avast, popular Antivirus software. The primary focus area of the browser is its privacy feature. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. In addition, Avast VPN allows users to bypass geo-blocked sites. It also comprises a dedicated password manager to save all your passwords in one place.

It supports more extensionsYou need a subscription to access more features
Group multiple tabsUnder Beta testing
Free Avast VPNConsumes more RAM
Password managerLimited customization tools

Download the Avast Secure browser


Maxthon browser

Maxthon is one of the most powerful browsers to use on Mac. It is designed to support Blockchain technology and provides enhanced privacy features. The browser has a minimal interface, giving users a new browsing experience. After all, the browser is even compatible with the Chrome add-ons library.

Pros Cons
Loads web pages fasterFewer Extensions
Independent of OSLimited Features

Download Maxthon


Yandex browser

Yandex is a Russian-based browser. The browser is also built based on the Chromium open source. The interface of Yandex is much similar to the Microsoft Edge browser. Like Google, Yandex has apps such as Games, Mail, Maps, Translate, AppMetrica, and more. You can use the Yandex browser for its advanced security features.

A simple and neat interfaceCan show unrelated search results
In-built Turbo mode enables pages to load fasterConsumes memory

Download Yandex

These are the best browsers for MacBook. It is highly recommended to use the Safari browser as it is specially developed for Apple devices. Safari runs on the Google search engine by default. You can also change the search engine on Safari to Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc.

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