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25+ Safari Extensions for iPhone, iPad, & Mac [2023]



Best Safari Extensions

Safari web browser’s performance can be increased by installing extensions. Unlike other Chrome extensions, Safari extensions can be installed on smartphones (iPhones & iPads). There are plenty of extensions available in the App Store. As Safari is the default browser on Apple devices, you can use extensions for effective usage. Here’s our list of the best extensions for the Safari browser.

Best Extensions of Safari

Here is a list of some of the best and must-have extensions on your Safari browser

Extension NameAvailabilityLink
GrammarlyiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
PiPeriPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
DuckDuckGo Privacy EssentialsiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
Short MenuiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
Super AgentiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
Adblock PlusiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
StopTheMadnessiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
1PasswordiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
Apollo for RedditiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
LINER – Discover & HighlightiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
WasteNoTimeMacMac App Store
Keyword SearchiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
MomentumiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
Save to PocketMacMac App Store
Translate for SafariiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
Awesome Screenshot & RecorderMacMac App Store
Raindrop.ioiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
Tabs Savers for SafariMacMac App Store
HoneyiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
PinterestMacMac App Store
Popcorn for SafariMacMac App Store
Turn Off the LightsiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
CheepiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
Web InspectoriPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
URL to QRiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store
BringiPhone, iPad, and MacApp Store


Grammarly   best safari extensions

Price: Free with limited features. Premium costs $30 per month, $60 for three months, or $144 per year.

Grammarly is an extension that checks your spelling, grammar, and other error. It is supported across various platforms like Microsoft Word, Gmail, WordPress, and other social media platforms. Grammarly helps you to correct the nitty gritty mistakes that are made when typing. It also helps you to improve, style, and tone your grammar based on the content you type. Furthermore, it suggests words that could be changed to make your content more professional and engaging. Grammarly is free to use with limited functions to unlock its full potential users can opt for a Grammarly Premium subscription.

App Store Link: Grammarly


PiPer  best safari extensions

Price: Free

PiPer is a browser extension for Safari that brings the Picture in Picture functionality to video streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Twitch, and much more. Installing this extension will add a dedicated Picture in Picture button in the supported sites. It seamlessly integrates itself with the player and also includes tooltips and hover effects. You can also watch the content with a closed caption in Picture in Picture mode. It is an open-source and free-to-use extension.

App Store Link: PiPer

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials  best safari extensions

Price: Free

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials comes with top-notch privacy necessities to boost the browsing speed in Safari. It blocks tracking cookies that follow you from site to site. It also blocks other hidden trackers in a website before they load. Blocking these trackers will prevent companies from collecting and using your data. DuckDuck Go Privacy Essentials promises better third-party tracker loading protection than any other popular browser by default.

App Store Link: DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

Short Menu

Short Menu

Price: Free

When surfing the internet, you may need to share a URL with your friend or colleague. In most cases, the URL will be long with too many characters. These long URLs may annoy you. If that is the case, you can install the Short Menu extension on Safari. With the Short Menu extension, you can shorten the given URL. Just click the extension icon on the top, and it will automatically copy the URL from the clipboard, shortens the URL, and copy the same to your clipboard. The best thing about Short Menu is that all the URLs (both long and short) will be saved in your iCloud library.

App Store Link: Short Menu

Super Agent

Super Agent best safari extensions

Price: Free

Super Agent is an extension with a mission to make privacy simple. It fills up website cookie consent forms for the user based on their preference to be tracked or not. Some cookie consents are very complex and hard to read and understand. This results in accepting all cookies to get to the content we came looking for. When you are Super Agent, you can choose a preference for every supported website. Super Agent split cookies into three categories, namely advertising, functional, and performance.

App Store Link: Super Agent

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus  best safari extensions

Price: Free

Adblock Plus is the easiest way to block ads on the Safari browser. Once you add this extension, all the sites you visit will be free from pop-ups, video ads, banners, and ads disguised as content. You can surf the internet in peace with no disruptive ads, trackers, or harmful malware. It also helps to use your internet data efficiently by blocking all the ad load-ups which consume your internet data. Overall, Adblock Plus helps you to browse the net safely and securely.

App Store Link: Adblock Plus


StopTheMadness best safari extensions

Price: $9.99 one-time purchase.

StopTheMadness is an extension for web browsers like Safari that makes the restricted website easy to use. Some websites don’t allow the user to use keyboard shortcuts, select, copying, pasting of text, or drag and drop features. Using this extension will re-enable these features in Safari. It also removes tracking tags and stops hyperlink auditing, clickjacking, tracking beacons, and other privacy threats. StopTheMadness also disables autoplay videos on the sites. When you use Youtube, it automatically chooses the highest quality.

App Store Link: StopTheMadness


1Password best safari extensions

Price: $35.99 per year.

1Password is a password manager app that helps you to store and use strong passwords for logins. Once you add this extension to the Safari browser, you can create and store strong passwords that are unique to secure all your accounts. This extension makes the logins and payments on the web pages easy by auto-filling the account details, payment card details, and billing address. You can also use this extension to store sensitive documents, credit cards, medical records, private notes, software licenses, and more.

App Store Link: 1Password

Apollo for Reddit

Apollo for Reddit

Price: Free with limited features. Premium costs $0.99 per month or $9.99 per year.

If you are a Reddit user, Apollo is a must-have extension for you. Using the Apollo extension, you can navigate and access the Reddit platform with ease. Some of the features in the Apollo extension are not available in the Reddit app itself. The extension is not developed by Reddit; it is a third-party extension. Though the extension is not an official one, it has a lot of users and won the Editors’ Choice award in the App Store.

App Store Link: Apollo for Reddit

LINER – Discover & Highlight

LINER- Discover & Highlight, best safari extensions

Price: Free

LINER – Discover & Highlight is one of the most useful extensions for students and researchers. This extension highlights the contents of a web page so that you can find and learn information at a faster rate. LINER will show you only trusted pages among all the search lists, which helps you save a lot of reading time. It lights the key content of the page so that you can quickly know if that particular page has the info you are looking for. You can skim through pages with ease and find the content you want in a jiffy.

App Store Link: LINER – Discover & Highlight



Price: Free

WasteNoTime is a web blocker extension that only requires minimal permissions to do its job. It is a conscious privacy extension with a lot of customizable features. For instance, it has an instant lockdown feature that allows you to focus only on your work for a period of time without being distracted. You can also set a time quota for a particular website. There is also a time tracker that gives you a report on time spent on the website on a day, week, or monthly basis.

Mac App Store Link: WasteNoTime

Keyword Search

Keyword Search

Price: Free

Keyword Search is another useful extension if you dwell on the internet often. This extension allows you to set keywords for webpages, and once you type the keyword on the Safari search bar, it will take you to that website. It is very nifty to use an extension. For example, you can assign Amazon as a keyword to open the Amazon webpage.

App Store Link: Keyword Search

Momentum for Safari

Momentum for Safari

Price: $3.33 per month.

Momentum is like a custom launcher for your Safari browser. Once you add this extension to your Safari browser, you can customize the start page and add a personal dashboard. You can add an inspirational photo, set a daily goal, and keep track of your to-do list. You can also add a weather and forecast widget to your Safari browser. With Momentum, you add bookmarks to the new tabs. Customize your dashboard by adding widgets and much more.

App Store Link: Momentum

Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket

Price: Free with limited features. Pocket Premium costs $4.99 per month or $44.99 per year.

Save to Pocket is a bookmarking tool for Safari but with advanced features. In Save to Pocket, you can save webpages, articles, and videos with additional information like tags for better identification. You can also save items to Pocket using the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + P or Command + Shift + P. Save to Pocket is a cross-platform extension. You can add and manage items in Pocket from both your iPhone and Mac.

Mac App Store Link: Save to Pocket

Translate for Safari

Translate for Safari

Price: $4.99

Translate for Safari is one of the best extensions to translate an entire Safari webpage with just one click from any language to your preferred language. It is powered by Google Translate. If you can’t identify the language of the page, this extension will identify the language and give you an accurate translation. There are more than 100 languages available on the Translate extension. All the translation happens without losing any visual layout of the original page.

App Store Link: Translate for Safari

Awesome Screenshot & Recorder

Awesome Screenshot & Recorder

Price: Free

Awesome Screenshot & Recorder is an extension that allows you to take screenshots and record screens and audio from a webpage. It allows you to capture full-page screenshots on Safari and annotate them with arrows, texts, rectangles, etc. You can easily resize or crop the captured image. With the recorder, you can record the screen, audio, and webcam in up to 4k videos in full screen or a selected area. You can download the screen recording to your Mac in MP4 format.

Mac App Store Link: Awesome Screenshot & Recorder

Price: Free with limited options. Premium costs $3.54 per month or $33.04 per year. is the best extension to manage bookmarks on Safari. The extension is available for both iPhones and Mac PCs. Using the tool, you can easily manage and organize the bookmarks. You can customize the bookmark folder with different icons, share bookmarks with your friends, and more. If you want, you can add links to the Read Later section to access them in your free time. Apart from bookmarks, you can also save images and audio notes.

App Store Link:

Tabs Savers for Safari

Tabs Savers for Safari

Price: $4.99

Tabs Savers for Safari is a standout Safari Extension that can be used to save all tabs in the browser into one list. When you close all tabs but later want to visit the web pages again, you can restore all the web pages at once or just open the pages you want. You can also import all the bookmarks from Safari to Tabs Savers. It also autosaves and recovers tabs after any browser crashes so that you don’t lose any data. You can organize the tabs in your list into folders and rename or delete them.

Mac App Store Link: Tabs Savers for Safari



Price: Free

Honey is a must-have extension if you shop online. It allows you to find great deals from 30,000+ sites. With just a click, Honey applies digital coupons and promo codes to your cart, resulting in discounts and the lowest price deals of your favorite brands. You can also get cash back at your favorite stores and must-have items. Add items to your wishlist and Honey will track the prices and inform you if the price drops so that you don’t miss the deal.

App Store Link: Honey


Pinterest Button

Price: Free

The Pinterest extension is available only for Mac PCs. In the Safari browser, you can add the Pinterest button on the search bar for quick access. With the extension, you can add pins to your profile with a click. Go to the Pinterest website and choose the pin that you want to save. Then, click the extension to save the pin to your profile. Remember, the extension will work only when you hover over the images.

Mac App Store Link: Pinterest

Popcorn for Safari

Popcorn for Safari

Price: Free

If you are a movie buff, Popcorn for Safari is one of the best extensions or Safari. It enhances your Netflix experience by displaying IMDb, Metascore, and Rotten Tomatoes ratings on Netflix for TV shows and movies. It just makes selecting the content for binge-watching much easier. This extension only works on Netflix and is compatible with Safari 14 or later.

Mac App Store Link: Popcorn for Safari

Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights

Price: Free

This extension darks the entire page and makes you instantly focus on the video player while giving a cinema-theater-like look. This is a lightweight and useful add-on designed to make the content-watching experience more comfortable. With a simple click on the lamp button, the page will fade to dark. To bring it back to normal, click on the dark layer. It works with popular video streaming sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu, Metacafe, Yoku, etc. While you play a video on Youtube, it automatically sets the quality to HD.

App Store Link: Turn Off the Lights


Best Flight Extension for Safari

Price: Free

If you love to travel by air, Cheep is the best extension for you. With the Cheep extension, you can find flights with discounts. You can also plan a trip using the Cheep app. In addition to that, you can add your favorite airport and get exclusive flight deals. You can install the Cheep extension on both iPhones and Macs. Cheep is using Google Flight’s data and you can directly book a ticket without switching to third-party applications.

App Store Link: Cheep

Web Inspector

Web Inspector for Safari

Price: Free

For coders and developers, you can install the Web Inspector to edit the backend HTML codes. As the Safari browser for iPhone is not offering the Developer Menu, you can use the Web Inspector extension to access the Developer Menu. In the Web Inspector, you can get all the developer options available in the Chrome Developer Menu.

App Store Link: Web Inspector

URL to QR for Safari

URL to QR for Safari Extension

Price: $3.99

Sharing and accessing QR codes are way easier than URLs. Using the URL to QR for Safari extension, you can convert any URL to a QR code within a minute. You can copy-paste the URL in the extension menu or simply go to the website that you want and click the URL to QR extension. You will get a QR code. Then, you can share the QR code with anyone you want.

App Store Link: URL to QR



Price: Free

Bring is a cooking-related extension where you can add and share recipes with your friends & family. In the Bring extension, you can sign up with your account and save unlimited recipes. You can also create and share shopping lists via WhatsApp, SMS, or any communication app. In the Inspiration section, you can scroll through different dishes shared by the Bring community and get recipes.

App Store Link: Bring

How to Install Extension on Safari [iOS]

Now, you have got the best extensions for Safari. Let’s see how to install and use them on your iPhone and iPad.

1. Install the extension you want from the App Store of your iPshone or iPad.

2. Open the Settings menu and choose Safari from the Apps list.

Safari browser on iPhone

3. In the General section, tap the Extensions option.

Choose Extensions

4. Now, all the extensions that you have installed on your iPhone or iPad will be displayed.

All the downloaded Extensions

5. By default, all the extensions will be disabled. Choose the extension and turn on the toggle to enable the extensions.

Enable the extension

6. In the Permissions menu, choose Allow.

Choose Allow on the permission

7. Now, open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.

8. Go to the website. On the right of the Search bar, click the Extension icon.

Extension icon

9. The extensions that are installed and enabled will appear. Choose the Extension that you want to use.

Choose the extension

10. You can also click the Manage Extension to enable or disable it.

On Mac

1. Install the best extensions for Safari from the Mac App Store.

2. Enable the extension by navigating to Safari Preferences Extensions.

3. Now, the enabled extension will appear on the Safari browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to uninstall the extension on Safari?

You can uninstall extensions on Safari from the App Store. You can also disable the extension from the Manage Extensions menu.

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