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Firefox vs Chrome: Which One to Choose in 2023?



Chrome vs. Firefox

Browsers are getting updated with new technologies. People use browsers on their devices only after checking their pros and cons. Currently, most users use Chrome as the default browser compared to Mozilla Firefox. But next to Chrome, Firefox is mostly used by users for browsing. Firefox launched earlier in 2002, which is six years older than Chrome. There is plenty of pros for both browsers, which would confuse everyone to choose between them. We have compared Firefox vs. Chrome on certain parameters, which helps you to choose the best browser.

Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome:

Features ConsideredFirefoxChromeWinner
Interface and DesignOffers customization toolsIntuitive design with a stylish OmniboxChrome
UtilitiesGet a private browsing experience with advanced protectionsync bookmarks, passwords, and payment informationFirefox
PerformanceUses less RAM even for heavier loadsGood performance but consumes more RAMFirefox
UpdatesFeatures in the new update include frame scheduling, importing maps, etcenhanced multiscreen and video conferencing featuresChrome
Privacy FeaturesGet add-ons for privacyIncognito mode for private browsingFirefox
Browser Extensions30000+ addons100000+ extensionsChrome
CompatibilityCompatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and LinuxCompatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and LinuxFirefox

Interface and Design

It is the first impression of the user that would make it comfortable to visit the desired website. Also, it should be user-friendly with a sleeky design and basic functions to cater to their needs. According to this context, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are well improved their layouts with frequent updates.


  • It is compact and easy to use.
  • It consists of numerous features which are simple to implement.
  • Firefox also provides customization tools.
  • You can also work with multiple tabs for multitasking.
  • It includes hibernating mode and an auto-hide option.
  • Users can change themes on Firefox and can customize them accordingly.
Firefox User Interface


  • It has an intuitive design with a stylish Omnibox.
  • Chrome also serves best in tab management.
  • It also features the reverse image search option.
  • You can also change the background on Chrome by using colors, themes, and even photos from your local storage.
  • It supports multiple tabs with a vertical dropdown tab menu to navigate easily.
Chrome User Interface

Verdict: As per the user experience, it is claimed that Google Chrome is much better than Mozilla Firefox in terms of modern design.


Advanced features are important for a browser to improve the browsing experience. It includes personalization tools, themes, add-ons, plugins, and more. Apart from that, extensions and device synchronization tools are vital for improving productivity, especially in workplaces.


  • It opens a new tab with immersive content as recommendations.
  • Firefox provides automatic suggestions for every search on the address bar.
  • Tap the star icon in the address bar to bookmark a page.
  • It also offers private browsing with advanced protection against trackers.
  • You can enable dark mode on Firefox, which improves your browsing experience.
  • You can even customize the toolbar as you wish.


  • Integration with Google apps like Gmail, Google Translate, Drive, etc.
  • Sign up and use Chrome with multiple accounts.
  • Install and use extensions on Chrome from the Chrome web store.
  • You can even take full-page screenshots on Chrome using the browser shortcuts.
  • It can sync bookmarks, passwords, and payment information.
  • Browse various colors and themes, including dark mode.
  • Chrome can translate an entire web page using Google translate.
Firefox vs Chrome: Dark mode in Chrome

Verdict: Users can choose the ideal browser based on their requirements. However, Chrome lacks in providing customization tools compared to Firefox.


This is the first thought for any user before they wish to check the features of a browser. But it may be chaos if the website’s loading time is slow. This is because the browser uses RAM to boost its speed. However, it may fail when it consumes more RAM. So always keep an eye on the number of applications running.


  • The average website loading time is incredibly fast.
  • It is most suitable for those who work on multiple tabs.
  • It uses less RAM as possible even though there are heavier loads.


  • Although the performance is high in Chrome, it consumes more RAM.
  • Browser extensions also use sufficient RAM to work properly.
  • Hence, it may cause trouble while working in multiple tabs.

Verdict: Both Mozilla and Chrome are the best browsers when considering their speed. However, when comparing the performance, Firefox is better in utilizing less RAM, which is essential for multitasking.


An update is an improved and fixed version of the same software. To enhance the user experience, all the apps come with new updates. Updates improve the performance, features, and interface and also remove the bug in the older versions.


  • Firefox’s latest version was released on December 2022.
Firefox Standard release 108.0.1
Extended Support Release102.6.0
Firefox iOS 108.1
Firefox Android 108.0
  • Major updates in Firefox releases every four weeks, and minor updates will be done between the four weeks when needed.
  • Default search engine-related issues have been fixed in the latest version. It offers new features like frame scheduling, importing maps, etc.


  • The latest version of Chrome was released on January 2023.
Chrome VersionDevice
109.0.5414.119Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Minor updates in Chrome take less than 3 weeks, and the full OS Chrome update releases about every 4 weeks.
  • It has new features like a privacy Sandbox screen, new themes, and Sync tab groups. It also enhanced multiscreen and video conferencing features.

Verdict: Chrome is better with new features when compared to Firefox.

Privacy Features

You must keep track of privacy and security while visiting websites and making online transactions using a web browser. Hence, many browsers provide add-ons and extensions to ensure browsing is safe.


  • It offers add-ons to secure your browsing activity.
  • Firefox has enhanced tracking protection.
  • It has a built-in HTTPS everywhere feature.
  • The Master Password feature allows the user can see the saved passwords.
Firefox vs Chrome: Master Password Option in Firefox


  • Users can browse with Incognito mode for private browsing.
  • It updates the browser automatically to get the latest security patches.
  • You can also turn on HTTPS mode.
  • It has real-time phishing protection.
  • Moreover, you can use free VPN Chrome extensions to access geo-restricted sites and safe browsing.
Firefox vs Chrome: Real-time phishing protection in Chrome

Verdict: In the battle of Firefox vs. Chrome, when it comes to privacy and security, Firefox has the better privacy features. In addition, it comes with three browsing protection modes: standard, strict, and custom, making it stand higher.

Browser Extensions

When you have extensions, you can perform various tasks on a browser, improving productivity. For example, a VPN extension can help you to bypass geographical restrictions. Hence, you can easily install add-ons natively from the web stores.


  • Plenty of customization tools are available in various categories.
  • Users can install reading modes in the form of extensions.
  • Extensions can block annoying ads and protect your passwords.
Firefox Addons Store


  • Chrome extensions are available on the Chrome web store.
  • It offers more features than Firefox.
  • Chrome optimizes the browser well though you use multiple extensions.
Google Chrome Web Store

Verdict: Google Chrome has enormous collections in its Chrome Web Store compared to Firefox.


Regarding compatibility, both browsers have their apps on all ecosystems, such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Verdict: Firefox is much more stable and compatible than Chrome. Because of its lightweight feature, Firefox can be easily used on any device. Moreover, Firefox provides updates to users more frequently than Chrome.

Which Browser is Better?

From Firefox vs. Chrome, it is clear that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are powerful browsers to compete with one another. You can choose any browser based on your browsing requirements and device.

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