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How to Change Download Location in Google Chrome



How to Change Download Location In Chrome Browser

In the Google Chrome browser, you can download videos, photos, documents, and much more. By default, all the downloaded files will be saved in the Downloads folder on your PC. This is because the Downloads folder can be accessed easily by the users. Like other customization features, you can also change the download location on Google Chrome based on your preference.

How to Change Download Location on Chrome [Windows & Mac]

1. Open the Chrome browser on your Windows or Mac PC.

2. Tap the Vertical ellipsis button to open Customize and Control Google Chrome menu.

3. Now, select Settings from the list of options.

Open Settings on Chrome

4. Look for Downloads in the side menu, then click on it.

5. Now, click on the Change button near the Location. If the Change button is not available, update your Chrome browser to its latest firmware and try again.

Change download location in Chrome on Windows/Mac

6. Then, you will be prompted to choose a location on your PC. Select your preferred location and click the Select Folder button.

Select the preferred download location folder

7. Now, all the files you have downloaded on Chrome will be saved in the same folder.

Change Download Location Every Time

Follow the steps below to choose a different storage path each time when you download a file on Chrome.

1. Launch the Chrome browser on your PC.

2. Select the Menu icon and click on the Settings option.

3. Pick Downloads from the left panel.

4. On the right panel, turn On the toggle button near the option Ask where to save each file before downloading.

How to Change Download Location In Chrome Browser

5. Now, you will see the prompt to choose a location every time when you download a file on Google Chrome.

How to Change Download Folder on Chrome [Android Smartphone]

1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your Android smartphone.

2. Tap on the Ellipsis icon and navigate to the Downloads section.

Open chrome go to Downloads

3. Hit the Gear icon located at the top of the Downloads section.

Tap the Gear icon

4. Now, tap on the Download location option. If you have an SD card inserted into your Android device, then you will get to change your download location to an SD card.

Tap on Download location to change it on Android devices

5. Similarly, you can turn on the Ask where to save files toggle to assign different download locations for each file.

Turn ON Ask where to save files

How to Change Download Path on Chrome [iPhone/iPad]

Unlike other platforms, changing the download location in Chrome on iOS devices involves a different method.

1. Launch Google Chrome on your iOS device.

2. Before downloading a media, long press it and then open it in a new tab.

Open Image in New Tab to change download location in Chrome

3. In the new tab where the image is opened, you will probably see the Open in option. Go ahead and tap on it.

Tap the Open in option

4. Now, tap on Save to Files from the list of options.

Choose Save to Files

5. So, now choose your iPhone storage (On My iPhone) or integrated cloud storage (iCloud Drive) as your storage location.

Choose the download location to change it on iOS

6. Now, the file will be downloaded to your desired location on the iPhone or iPad.

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1. How do I redirect a download to my hard drive?

Go to your Downloads folder and then right-click on it. Now, choose Properties from the list of options. Change the directory of the folder to the hard drive under the Location tab.

2. How to find a file downloaded from Chrome?

Press the Ctrl + J to open the Downloads menu to view all the downloaded files on the Chrome browser.

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