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How to Change Language in Firefox Browser



Change Language in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a famous web browser with more than 198 million users worldwide. It is compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Mozilla Firefox is well-known for its customization options and security features like blocking websites, password manager, etc. In addition, it supports 90 languages so that users can comfortably browse in their desired language. Changing language is one of the best features in the Firefox browser compared with Chrome, Opera, Edge, etc. Therefore, you can easily modify your Firefox display language, messages, and notifications or change the entire webpage into a particular language within a few minutes.

How to Change Firefox Display Language

Before following the steps below, update the Firefox browser to the latest version.

1. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser.

2. Click on the Horizontal bar at the top right and choose the Settings option.

Settings in Firefox

3. Further, scroll to the Language section.

4. Click on the current language and select Search for more languages.

Searching language to change in Firefox

5. Next, click Select a language to add.

Adding a language in Firefox

6. From the drop-down options, select your desired language and click on Add.

Adding a new language in Firefox

7. Click OK to apply the changes and close the dialog box.

8. Lastly, click on Apply and Restart.

Restart your Firefox browser and see the user interface with the selected language. If the language is not changed, clear the cache on Firefox and change the language again.

How to Set Firefox Language Based on Preference

There are some scenarios where you can see a website with two or more languages. In such cases, you can set your preferred language on Firefox.

1. Open the Mozilla Firefox browser on your PC.

2. Paste the below text in the address bar to open the General Preferences settings.


3. Go to the Language section by scrolling down.

4. Click on the Choose parallel to the Choose your preferred language for displaying pages.

choosing preferred language

5. Further, click on Select a language to add. Scroll down to see languages.

6. Click the Add button to add multiple languages.

7. Upon selecting the language, click Move Up or Move Down to change the order.

arranging language based on preference

8. Click on OK.

9. Finally, click on Apply and Restart. Your preferences will be saved.

Is Firefox better than Chrome?

Chrome browser is one of the fastest browsers with more features. While Firefox is known for its secure browsing experience. Regarding languages, Firefox stands in the upper hand as it offers 90+ languages, and Chrome offers only 47 languages. Chrome is a simple-to-use browser with a huge user base. Firefox is an open-source browser with a decent number of active contributors. So both browsers are better in their own aspects.

Note: Like Firefox, you can also change the language on Google Chrome.

Popular Languages Supported in Firefox

  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Hindi and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the shortcut used to change the language on Firefox?

Open the Firefox browser on your PC. Then, press the CTRL + SHIFT + Q shortcut keys on the keyboard to switch from the current language to the alternate language.

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