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How to Print a Web Page from Chrome Browser



Print a Web Page from Chrome

Generally, printing helps to view all the softcopies into a hardcopy. Almost any browser comes with a built-in printing feature that helps to print the pages without using third-party apps. Chrome isn’t an exception, and you can print any content from your smartphone and PC with the print feature in the Chrome browser.

How to Print from Chrome [PC]

(1) Turn on your Mac or Windows PC.

(2) Launch the Chrome browser and search for the content you are printing.

(3) Click on the three-dotted icon at the top right corner.

(4) Locate and select the Print option from the drop-down menu.

Select Print

(5) You can also press the Crtl+P keys on Windows PC and Command+P keys on Mac to preview the printing pages.

(6) Customize your printing and choose your printer.

(7) Finally, click the Print button to print the pages.

Press ctrl P and modify settings

Note: You shall learn to Create a Shortcut on Google Chrome to quickly visit the webpage.

Customization Options to Print

On the Print screen page, you will see the list of options like

  • Destination – Select any destination to print and save the file.
  • Pages – It has options like All, Odd Pages Only, Even Pages Only, and Custom. You can select any to print the pages that you prefer.
  • Layout – Choose Portrait or Landscape from the Layout to print.
  • Color – You can choose to print either black and white or color prints.
  • Paper size – Select any page size to print the web page.
  • Pages per sheet – Choose the pages that you want to print per sheet.
  • Margins – Cutomixethe margin to print the web page.
  • Scale – By selecting a scale, you can modify the content size from 10 -200.
  • Options
    • Headers and Footers will show the header and footer section on the page.
    • Background Graphics adds a background color to Chrome.

Most customization options under Print will be available on your smartphones as well.

How to Print from Chrome [Android]

(1) Launch the Chrome browser on your PC.

(2) Go to the page you want to print.

(3) Tap the three-dotted icon at the top right corner.

(4) Locate and select the Share button exhibited in the menu.

Click Share option under menu

(5) Swipe right at last and select the Print option.

(6) Customize your printing layout and choose your printer.

(7) Tap Print to print the pages.

Click Print to Print a Web Page from Chrome

How to Print from Chrome [iOS]

(1) Open the Chrome browser on your iOS device.

(2) Search for the content that you are printing.

(3) Tap the Share button at the top.

Click on the share icon

(4) Select the Print option and customize your printing.

Tap Print to take a screenshot

(5) Finally, tap Print to print pages.

Print Extension for Chrome

You can add a print extension on Chrome browser to get a printout in a single click. It also adds plenty of customization features with it. Popular print screen extension includes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why print option is not working in Chrome?

The print option may not work due to many reasons. Some major reasons are corrupt browsing data, misconfigured settings, or conflicting applications and processes. Also, make sure to update the Chrome browser to fix the issues.

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