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How to Reset Mozilla Firefox to Default Settings



reset firefox

Firefox is an open-source browser owned by Mozilla. It is the best browser for secure and incredibly fast browsing. While browsing, there will be a lot of temporary files stored on the Firefox browser, which may affect the browser’s performance in the long run. To fix such issues, update the Firefox browser to the latest version. If the update doesn’t help, you need to reset your Firefox browser to default settings.

How to Reset Mozilla Firefox [PC]

(1) Launch the Mozilla Firefox application on your Windows or Mac PC.

(2) Click on the Hamburger icon at the top right corner.

Click on the Hamburger icon

(3) Locate and select the option Help.

Tap Help

(4) Select the option More troubleshooting information.

Select the option More troubleshooting information

(5) Tap on Refresh Firefox under the Give Firefox a tune-up.

Select Refers Firefox

(6) Select the option Refers Firefox from the popup menu.

Tap Select Refers Firefox

(7) Click on Finish from the on-screen prompt.

Click on Finish to Rest Firefox

(8) Your PC will automatically restart the Firefox browser.

(9) You will receive the Success message and select the option Restore all windows & tabs to reset the firefox browser completely. Choose to Restore only the ones you want to reset the selected items. Then, click the Let’s go button.

Click on Let's go complete reset Firefox

(10) Now, the browser will be reset.

How to Reset Firefox on Smartphone [Android & iOS]

For Android and iPhones, there is no specific feature to reset the Firefox browser. On Android smartphones, you can go to Settings and choose Firefox browser. Tap the Force Stop button to delete all the files stored in the Firefox browser. This method is available only on Android smartphones. For iPhones, you have to uninstall the browser and install it again to reset it.

What happens When You Reset Firefox

When you reset the web browser,

  • It will remove all the manually installed extensions and themes.
  • It will delete all the files stored in the DOM storage.
  • If you have made any changes in toolbars, themes, shortcuts, and search engines in Firefox, it will be reset.
  • On the other hand, the reset process won’t affect the bookmarks and passwords saved in the browser. It also won’t delete all the auto-fill information, search, and download history.


1. How do I reset Firefox without losing my tabs?

After completing your reset, the browser will relaunch automatically. Click on the option Restore all windows and tabs. You will not lose any of your tabs.

2. Can you restore data after a reset?

You can easily restore the saved bookmarks, passwords, cookies, etc. To do that, tap Help > Troubleshooting Information > Select Show Folder/ Open Directory option > Find your old Firefox data > Copy the data and paste it on your new profile.

3. How to clear the Firefox cache?

You can clear the cache files on Firefox in the browser settings.

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