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How to Take a Full Page Screenshot on Chrome Browser



Taking screenshots is easier on smartphones than on PC/laptops, as you can capture them with a single click on the mobile. Though there are multiple ways to take a full-page screenshot on a laptop/desktop, it consumes more time, especially on the browser. Some may use the Ctrl + PrintScreen key to capture the screenshot, but it is a complex process. If you use Chrome as the default browser, you can take a full-page screenshot by using the extensions or developer tools and save it within a few seconds on your system.

How to Take a Full Page Screenshot on Google Chrome [Mac]

1. Open Chrome on your Mac or Macbook.

2. Press the keyboard keys Alt + Cmd + I to run the developer mode.

3. Further, press Cmd + Shift + P to view built-in command tools.

Developer tools in Chrome on Mac

4. Type a Screenshot on the field and search for it.

5. Click on Capture full-size screenshot from the list of options.

Capture full size screenshot on Mac

At last, it will take a full-page screenshot of the screen, and you can save the captured screenshots on your local storage.

Alternate Method!

You can also take a screenshot using the Mac keyboard shortcuts.

1. Open the Chrome page and visit where you wish to take a screenshot.

2. Hold down Command + Shift + #3.

Command + shift + #3 to take full page Screenshot on Chrome

Now, the entire screen will be captured and saved on your desktop.

How to Take a Full Page Screenshot on Google Chrome [Windows]

1. Open Google Chrome on your PC.

2. Click on Control and Customize ChromeMore ToolsDeveloper Tools or press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I to launch the developer mode.

Developer tools in Chrome to take full page Screenshot

3. Next, press the Ctrl + Shift + P shortcut keys to see the command tools.

Also, for specific sizes, you can click on the Toggle Device toolbar (On the left of Elements) or press Ctrl + Shift + M and enter the desired size to capture.

4. Further, type Screenshot in the search field.

5. Choose Capture full-size screenshot from the list.

Capture full size screenshot on Windows

When a Window pops up, choose the location to download and click on Save. Later, you can go to the Downloads folder to view the screenshot you have captured.

Take Full Page Screenshots on Windows using Snipping Tool

Using the simple shortcut keys, you can take full-screen screenshots on Chrome.

1, Visit the page where you wish to take a screenshot.

2. Press the Windows Key + Shift Key + S

3. Click on the Full-Screen mode option.

Select Full screen option

4. The screenshot will be captured and saved to the preferred folder.

Alternate Method

You can capture the screenshot on Chrome and save it as a PDF in your local storage.

1. Go to Chrome and visit the webpage you want to capture.

2. Tap on the F11 key on your keyboard to turn on full-screen mode.

3. Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P.

4. Select Save as PDF from the destination drop-down option and click on Save.

Save as PDF

The major drawback is that it can change the page format and cause distortion to the captured image.

How to Take a Full Page Screenshot on Chrome using Extensions [Windows/Mac]

Lightshot is a popular extension for taking a full-page screenshot on Chrome. It also allows the user to edit a screenshot instantly. Lightshot is available for Windows and Mac as separate applications.

1. Launch the Chrome browser.

2. Go to the Chrome web store.

3. Type Lightshot in the search box and tap enter.

Lightshot extension to Take a Screenshot on Chrome

4. Click Add to Chrome.

Lightshot Add to Chrome

5. If a pop-up is displayed, click on Add extension to add the extension to Chrome.

Lightshot Add extension

6. Lightshot extension is now installed on your browser.

7. Click the Extension icon at the end of the search bar and pin Lightshot.

8. Upon clicking the Lightshot icon, click and drag the cursor to select the desired area.

Click and drag the area to screenshot

9. After selecting, press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S to save it.


1. How to take a full-page screenshot in Chrome on Smartphone?

Android: Swipe down the Control Panel on your Android smartphone, and click on the Screenshot icon to capture. You can also press the Volume Down and Power buttons to take a full-page screenshot.
iOS: You can press the Side and Home buttons or press the Top button along with the Home button to capture the screenshot.

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