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How to Update Firefox Browser on Smartphone and PC



Update Firefox Browser

Firefox is one of the best lightweight and privacy browsers to use. Generally, every browser releases updates and fixes to keep it stable and remove software bugs. Moreover, updating the browser improves the security features and keeps it secure from malware and cyber-attacks. Therefore, if you are using the Firefox browser on your PC/laptop/smartphone, it is mandatory to update them as it improves your browsing experience, and you can use the new features released by Mozilla.

How to Update Firefox Manually [Windows/Mac/Linux]

You can update Firefox manually if you haven’t enabled the Automatic update settings on your browser.

1. First, open the Firefox browser on your PC/laptop

2. Next, click on the Open Application Menu (three-horizontal bar icon) → Settings.

Settings in Firefox browser

3. By default, you will be on General settings. Scroll down and find for Firefox Updates section.

4. If you have chosen Check for updates but let you choose to install them, update the browser manually.

Firefox manual update

5. Next, click on Check for Updates.

6. When an update is available, you can install and update your browser. If not, it shows Firefox is up to date.

7. You can also click on Show Update History to view the history of past updates.

Tip: You can enable dark mode on Firefox to reduce your eye strain and create a better browsing experience.

Alternative Method

1. After launching the browser, click the Hamburger menu at the top-right.

2. Next, click on HelpAbout Firefox.

About Firefox

Note: In Mac, click on Firefox on the Menu BarAbout Firefox

3. A small window appears where you can check for an update.

4. When the update is available, it downloads automatically, and click on Restart Firefox to update the browser.

Alternative method

5. Alternatively, it shows Firefox is up to date when there are no updates.

How to Update Firefox Automatically [Windows/Mac/Linux]

1. On your Firefox browser, click on the horizontal bar menuSettings.

2. Under General, scroll down the bottom to the Firefox Updates section.

3. Click on the radio button “Automatically install updates” to get updated.

Firefox automatic update

4. Also, click the check box When Firefox is not running to update the browser when not using the Firefox browser.

How to Update Firefox [Android Phone]

1. Go to the Play Store on your smartphone.

2. Tap the search bar and enter Firefox.

3. Select Firefox from the search results

4. Finally, click on Update.

Android version

Alternative Method

1. Click on the Profile iconManage apps and devices.

2. Next, click on the Manage section.

3. Further, click Updates Available and select the Firefox app and click on the Update icon on the top.

Note: You can update the apps automatically on the Play Store. Similarly, tap the Profile iconSettingsNetwork PreferencesAuto-update apps.

How to Update Firefox [iPhone/iPad]

Firefox browsers are available only on versions iOS 13 and above.

1. On your iPhone, go to App Store.

2. Search for Firefox browser and tap on it from the search results.

3. Finally, click on Update to update the Firefox browser to the latest version.

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1. Does Firefox update automatically on all devices?

Yes. On the desktop versions, you must enable the Automatically install updates option. In addition, you must have enabled the Auto-update feature on the respective app stores for smartphones.

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