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Top 5 Desktop Bitcoin Wallets



Desktop Bitcoin Wallets

Blockchain technology is being implemented at an accelerating pace, cryptocurrencies are closer than ever to official recognition. Not far off is the moment when having a crypto wallet will become as common as having a bank card. Experts say to use Bitcoin robot for a better crypto wallet experience.

Features of Desktop Wallets

A desktop crypto wallet is a program that you need to download and install on your computer. These wallets can be cold or hot, depending on whether your device is connected to the Internet or not.

This storage method is much more reliable than mobile applications and web clients, but inferior to them in terms of mobility.

What To Look For When Choosing a Wallet

First of all, you need to learn more about the security of the program you are interested in. An insufficiently reliable program for your purposes will not work.

A huge plus for the wallet is a simple interface and wide functionality. It sounds so tempting that it seems like an unattainable ideal, but wallets that combine one with the other already exist and are popular. And another important selection criterion is developer support and regular updates.

Desktop Bitcoin Wallets

Ledger Live

Today Ledger is one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets. Yes, these are primarily hardware wallets, but Ledger Live is desktop software.

The elegant and simple interface is the first thing that catches your eye. Using LL you can view your accounts, follow quote charts, and track transactions.

Ledger devices are renowned for their reliability and security, and this applies to all Ledger products.

Ledger Live regularly receives the latest security and core functionality updates.

The most significant disadvantage of LL is that you will have to buy a Ledger hardware wallet.


Trezor is almost as popular as Ledger. Strictly speaking, Trezor Suite is not exactly a desktop wallet, but an application that allows users of hardware wallets to manage their funds without connecting the device to the Internet.

Trezor wallets are updated regularly and also have a random PIN code generator. The PIN code changes periodically and this increases protection against phishing and other popular methods of cybercriminals.

Trezor Suite is used exclusively with the Trezor hardware wallet.


Exodus supports a huge number of coins and is a great choice for those looking to diversify their portfolio. In addition to storing all assets in one place, Exodus makes it possible to exchange them directly in the wallet.

Exodus has a built-in backup feature in case something happens to your computer. Losing access to your wallet is not a disaster either. In this case, the creators have provided a phrase recovery function.


Reliability is tested by time. And from this point of view, Electrum is tested better than all other wallets combined.

It is easy to use and supports all the necessary features for storing and managing digital coins. Electrum is open source and this makes it possible to quickly eliminate potential security vulnerabilities. The main drawback of Electrum is monocurrency. It can store only one type of coin.

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Jaxx exists in mobile, browser, and desktop versions. The service supports a large number of coins and combines the comfort of use with the reliability of cold storage. If it is important for you to constantly have access to cryptocurrency exchange online on any platform, complete the desktop version of the wallet with a mobile application.

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