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Avast for Chromebook – Possible Ways to Download



Avast for Chromebook

In General, Chromebooks are more secured than Windows & macOS devices and don’t require any antivirus program for security. However, if you need advanced protection for your Chromebook, you can go for Avast Antivirus. Avast is a popular tool to identify and block various malware and phishing attacks while browsing. By providing an extra layer of protection, it will keep an eye on your browsing and alerts you whenever there is a suspicious or prohibited website. If you’re a Chromebook user, you can download Avast Antivirus with the following section’s help.

Avast is available in two different forms: Free and Premium. It is advisable to purchase the premium version for advanced security features.

Avast for Chromebook

How to Download and Install Avast on Chromebook

The easiest way to install Avast on Chromebook is by using the Chrome web store.

#1 Launch the Chromebook and open the Chrome web store.

#2 Search for the Avast tool and select it from the search results.

#3 On the information page of Avast Online Security, click Add to Chrome.

#4 Click Add Extension to confirm the process.

#5 Once the extension was added, start using it and protect your Chromebook from various threats.

Avast for Chromebook

Some of the Chromebooks have built-in Google Play Store to download Android apps. In that case, you can install and use the Android version of Avast Antivirus. Enable Google Play Store on your Chromebook

  • Update Chromebook to the latest version.
  • Click the Settings icon and scroll down to Google Play Store.
  • Enable the Google Play Store and configure your Google account credentials.

Restart your Chromebook, launch the Google Play Store, and download the Avast app just like your Android smartphone. Launch the app and configure your Avast login credentials to protect the device.


These are the two ways to access Avast antivirus on Chromebook. If you have installed Linux OS, you can also install and use the Linux version of Avast. As we said earlier, Avast Premium is highly recommended for advanced protection. If you want to share any query or feedback related to this guide, please use the below comments section. We are happy to help you.

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