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How to Change Screen Resolution on Chromebook



Some people may wonder, What is Chromebook? Well, for those people, Chromebook is a normal laptop in which it runs in the Chrome OS. Laptops integrated with Chrome OS was launched in 2011. Google also launched a desktop version with Chrome OS called Chromebox in 2012. Chromebook is a laptop of another breed. Chromebook is mainly focused on fast browsing and fast processing. It is suited for hardcore users and gamers. Chrome OS is known for its faster booting time. Since it is a new come OS, a lot of customizing options are not known to the users. Read more to know how to change the screen resolution on Chromebook devices.

You can change the screen resolution in Chromebook in two ways.

  • Using Settings
  • Using Shortcut keys

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Changing Screen Resolution using Settings option:

#1: Click the Avatar, Power, WiFi, Time icon on the bottom right corner of the home screen.

Screen Resolution in Chromebook
Click the Avatar Icon

#2: Click the Settings icon (Gear icon).


#3: Type Display in the search bar.

Screen Resolution in Chromebook

#4: Choose Displays in the search results.

Screen Resolution in Chromebook

#5: Under Internal Display, drag the slider located next to the Resolution menu. It will change the resolution on your screen.

Resolution Slider

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Using Shortcut keys:

If you feel lazy to go the Setting and change it, you can use shortcut keys. It is very simple and easy to use.

If you want to increase the screen resolution, press Ctrl + Shift and + (plus) keys. If you want to decrease the screen resolution, press Ctrl + Shift and – (minus) keys.


Now, change screen resolution in Chromebook with ease. Chromebook is one of the best and fastest OS in the market. If you have any other customization issues or doubts, tell us in the comments section. We will post your issue in the next post. Ping us on our social media pages. Facebook and Twitter.

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