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How to Right-Click on a Chromebook?



Right-Click on a Chromebook

Nowadays, people are choosing Chromebook over traditional Windows and macOS laptops due to their low price tags along with feature-rich applications. However, these devices don’t have separate left and right buttons on their touchpad. It creates some confusion on new Chromebook users about how to right-click on a Chromebook. Right-click brings the context menu which presents various functions ranging from viewing the properties of a file to printing the current web page.

Right-Click on a Chromebook
Right-Click on a Chromebook

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Right-Click on Chromebook using the Touchpad

#1: Navigate to the item or menu that you want to right-click.

#2: Place two fingers on the touchpad to open the context menu.

Right-Click on a Chromebook
Right-Click on a Chromebook using Touchpad

(NOTE: The timing and position of Key are critical because your fingers need to tap down and rise back at the same time. If you’re a new Chromebook user, it will take some time to get used to this)

Right-Click on Chromebook using the Keyboard

#1: With the help of Touchpad, navigate to the menu that you want to right-click.

#2: Hold-down the ALT key and press the touchpad with one finger to open the context menu.

How to Disable Tap-to-Click Functionality?

Sometimes, users prefer to disable tap-to-click functionality to avoid accidental clicking while typing. You can modify this directly from the touchpad settings.

#1: Open Settings menu.

#2: Under the device section, select Touchpad settings.

#3: Unmark the box located before Enable tap-to-click menu.

#4: Click OK to apply the changes.

Right-Click on a Chromebook
Disable Tap-to-Click Functionality

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These are the two methods available to right-click on a Chromebook. You can also use the mouse instead of the touchpad to get things faster. We hope the article is really helpful and useful to you.

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