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How to Powerwash Chromebook [Factory Reset]



Reset Chromebook

Chromebooks are simple and effective laptops to use. Similar to Windows and Mac, you will experience some performance issues on Chromebook too. In that case, you need to reset the Chromebook. If there are any software issues, factory resetting the Chromebook will fix the issue. In Chromebooks, the term reset is referred to as Powerwash.

There are four different ways to reset the Chromebook.

  • Using Settings Menu
  • Using Shortcut Keys
  • Using Reset Key
  • From Recovery Mode
  • Reset School Chromebooks

Do This Before Resetting

As with all devices, resetting the Chromebook will delete all the information and data stored in the device. So, make sure that you cover all the below-mentioned points.

  • Take the necessary backup from your Chromebook to your Google Drive or USB drive.
  • Ensure you have all the login information and passwords stored in the password manager.
  • Note down all the manually installed apps on your Chromebook. After the reset, it will be easier to install all those apps.
  • Make a list of personalized changes that you have done, like Display Settings, Wallpaper, Icons in Notification Centre, and so on, in a checklist. After the reset, change all these settings using the checklist.
Reset/Powerwash Chromebook

How to Reset Chromebook Using Settings Menu

1. Open the Settings menu on your Chromebook.

2. Select the Advanced drop-down option from the Settings menu.

Chromebook settings

3. Tap the Reset Settings option.

4. On the right side, click the Reset button on the Powerwash tab.

Powerwash settings

5. To reset the Chromebook, you need to restart the Chromebook. Click the Restart button.

Restart button

6. After the restart, the device will be reset.

Then, you have to set up the Chromebook from scratch.

How to Powerwash Chromebook Using Shortcut Keys

Using this method, you can reset your Chromebook without using a password. If you have forgotten your password or having login issues, you can use this method.

1. On the login screen, restart the Chromebook.

2. Now, hold CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + R from the keyboard.

3. You will get the reset screen. Click the Powerwash button.

4. On the confirmation screen, click the Reset option.

Powerwash Chromebook Using Reset Button

In the older version of Chromebook and some Samsung model Chromebooks, you will have the physical Reset button. You can use the Reset (pinhole button) to reset the device. Turn off the Chromebook and hold the Reset button using the SIM ejector. Then, turn on your Chromebook. Release the Reset button after seeing the logo. This will hard reset the device.

Reset Chromebook Using Recovery Mode

When you turn on the Developer Mode on your Chromebook, you will get advanced customization options. After you disable the Developer Mode, your Chromebook will be reset to its factory settings.

1. Boot your Chromebook in Recovery Mode. You can enable the Recovery or Developer Mode by holding the Esc + Refresh + Power button.

2. Now, you will get the Chrome OS is missing or damaged screen.

3. Press the Ctrl + D and tap the Enter button. This will enable the Developer Mode on Chromebook.

4. Then, restart the Chromebook.

5. In the OS Verification is Off screen appears, tap the Space button.

6. This will turn off the Recovery Mode and reset the PC.

How to Reset School Chromebook

Chromebook is widely used for education purposes. Some educational institutions are offering Chromebook to their student to track their studies and projects. To reset the Chromebook issued by your school or college, you need to contact the concerned person in the administration to reset the device.

How to Reset Chromebook Without Keyboard

In some Chromebooks and tablets, you can use the Volume buttons to hard reset it.

1. Press the Power button, Volume Up, and Volume Down for more than ten seconds.

2. Now, press the Volume Down or Up button to skip the recovery USB stick screen.

How to Reset Chromebook

3. On the next screen, tap the Volume Up and Volume Down button to hard reset the device.

How to Powerwash Chromebook

4. Now, click the Confirm Disabling OS Verification option.

5. Then, click the Enable OS Verification option.

6. On the confirmation screen, tap the Confirm Enabling OS Verification option to reset the device.


1. Can you factory reset a locked Chromebook?

Yes, you can factory reset a Chromebook without using the password using the keyboard shortcut keys.

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