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How to Cast Apple Music to Chromecast?



Apple Music to Chromecast

Casting Apple Music to Chromecast Audio is one of the major missing features in Chromecast devices. With Apple Music, you get access to over 50 million songs, online or offline, and ad-free. Chromecast supports several audio services like Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music, and so. But, Apple Music is not in the gazette. Since the Apple files are DRM protected, Apple Music can be played only on Apple devices. When the DRM protection is removed, Apple files can be accessed in any devices. To remove DRM, you need to install some third-party apps. Follow the below steps to know how to cast Apple Music to Chromecast Audio.

Apple Music to Chromecast Audio

There are a lot of third-party apps available to remove DRM protection. We recommend you to install NoteBurner as it is free and easy to use. NoteBurner is available for both Windows and Mac. Click here to install the app for Windows and MAC.

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#1: With NoteBurner, you can convert only offline songs. So, go to your Apple Music app and download the songs you want to cast it.

#2: Launch the NoteBurner app.

Cast Apple music to Chromecast
NoteBurner App

#3: Click the Add icon on the NoteBurner app.

Cast Apple music to Chromecast
Add icon

#4: In the following screen, you will see the songs which you have downloaded in the Apple Music.

Cast Apple music to Chromecast
Song List

#5: Choose the song/songs you want to cast to your Chromecast connected smart TV and click OK.

Cast Apple music to Chromecast
Select Songs

#6: After adding the song/songs, click the Settings icon on the screen.

Cast Apple music to Chromecast
Settings icon

#7: Choose the Output Format as MP3 and choose your desired output location in the Output folder.

Cast Apple music to Chromecast
MP3 Format

#8: After selecting the menu, click Close to close the Settings window.

Cast Apple music to Chromecast
Close Button

#9: Now, click Convert.

Cast Apple music to Chromecast

#10: Wait for the files to be converted.

#11: After the successful completion, go to the Google Chrome browser.

#12: Drag and drop the converted music files into the browser.

#13: The song will start to play. Click the three doted menu icon the top right corner of the browser.

Three doted icon

#14: Select Cast option.

Cast option

#15: Make sure that your device and Chromecast smart TV is connected to the same WiFi network. Choose the Chromecast smart TV in the list displayed. Now the song will be cast to your Chromecast smart TV.

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Now, cast Apple Music on Chromecast smart TV using NoteBurner app. Bypass the DRM protection and play Apple Music on any devices. Thank you for visiting If you have any queries or doubts, tell us in the comments section. Share your feedback in our social media pages, Facebook and Twitter.

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