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How to Change Chromecast WiFi Network?



How to Change Chromecast WiFi Network

Google Chromecast is a tiny casting device that lets you send media from the smaller screen of smartphone/tablet to the bigger screen of a TV. The biggest advantage of Chromecast is its portability. But, Google Chromecast can remember only one WiFi network at a time. You need to change the WiFi network while travelling to new locations. We will show you the simple step-by-step instructions to change the WiFi network on your Chromecast.


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How to Change WiFi Network on Chromecast?

Before changing the WiFi network on your Chromecast, make sure that your Chromecast and Android/iOS device is connected to the same WiFi network.

#1: Launch the Google Home app. (If you haven’t installed Google Home, download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store)

#2: Select your Chromecast device and tap the Settings icon.

#3: Scroll down and select the WiFi menu.

#4: From the drop-down, select the new WiFi network.

#5: Enter the password for a new WiFi network and tap OK.

#6: Now, you can control your Chromecast device as normal.

How to Change Chromecast WiFi Network using Reset Button?

#1: Connect your Chromecast to the TV.

#2: Press and hold the reset button for 15-20 seconds.

Press the Reset Button
Press the Reset Button

#3: Release the button when you see the light on Chromecast flashing continuously.

#4: The Chromecast will reset automatically to its factory default settings.

#5: Now, go through the usual setup process to change the WiFi network on your Chromecast.

Final Thoughts

These are the two methods available to reset the WiFi network on your Chromecast. Now, use your mobile device or tablet as a remote to control everything from playback to volume. Thank you for visiting Use the comment box to post your queries and feedback. You can also use our social media profiles (Facebook and Twitter) to share your feedback.

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