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How to Chromecast Dish Anywhere using Smartphone & PC



Chromecast Dish Anywhere

Dish Anywhere is a much-needed app to stream your TV channel whenever you want. It also lets you watch the TV shows that recorded on your DVR. With the Dish subscription, you can also watch the 1000+ on-demand titles. It can be streamed on all kinds of major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. However, to stream this service on TV, you need the help of streaming devices Firestick, Roku or Chromecast. Here, we will show the procedure to cast Dish Anywhere through Google Chromecast.

Dish Anywhere

Owned by Google, Chromecast is a popular streaming device used to stream contents from the smaller screen of mobile or PC to bigger screens of TV. Even though Dish Anywhere doesn’t have inbuilt Cast support, you can cast it on the bigger screens by mirroring your Android or PC screen.

Chromecast Dish Anywhere using Android Mobiles/Tablets

To mirror your Android device, your Chromecast and Android mobile/tablet must be on the same network.

#1: Download and install Dish Anywhere app on your Android device.

#2: Launch the app and configure the login details.

#3: Close the app and go to Settings on your Android device.

#4: Find and select the Cast menu.

Chromecast Dish Anywhere

#5: Select your Chromecast device.

Chromecast Dish Anywhere

#6: Click START NOW.

Chromecast Dish Anywhere

#7: Now, open the Dish Anywhere app and stream the media that you want to cast.

#8: The media will stream on the TV.

Chromecast Dish Anywhere using Chrome Browser on PC

Since Dish Anywhere is also accessible through web browsers, you can cast it on the bigger screens with the help of Chrome browser on your Windows or Mac PC.

#1: As usual, your Windows/Mac PC and Chromecast must be on the same network.

#2: Open the Chrome browser and visit

Chromecast Dish Anywhere

#3: Tap the Login menu located at the top right corner of the screen.

#4: Enter your login credentials and tap LOG IN.

Chromecast Dish Anywhere

#5: Right-click anywhere on the screen and click the Cast menu.

#6: Select your Chromecast device.

Chromecast Dish Anywhere

#7: That’s it. Your Windows or Mac device screen will cast on the TV.

#8: Start streaming the media contents that you want.

#9: To stop the connection, click the Cast icon and select your device.

These are the two methods available to Chromecast Dish Anywhere app. Since iOS devices don’t support casting contents on Chromecast, you can’t use iPhone/iPad to cast the Dish Anywhere.

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