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How to Chromecast GOM Player Using Smartphone & PC



Chromecast GOM Player

GOM Player is a solid video player with advanced features to play all kinds of video formats. You can also use this player to play the corrupted AVI file without any issues. The major highlight with GOM Player is that you can integrate the media player with cloud storage services like Google Drive, One Drive, and a few more. It means that you will have direct access to play the media files available on cloud storage. Unlike VLC or MX Player, GOM Player is not compatible with Chromecast support. You need to mirror your device screen when you want to cast GOM Player to Chromecast or any other streaming device.

The following section will give you a clear view on how to mirror GOM Player on Chromecast connected device.


  • Connect Chromecast device to the HDMI port.
  • Connect Chromecast device and Android/iOS/PC to the same Internet connection.

Chromecast GOM Player Using Android

(1) On your smart phone, pull down the notification pane and hit the Cast menu.

Chromecast GOM Player

(2) The Android devices will search for the nearby devices that are connected to the same network.

(3) Select your Chromecast device and the enable permission to mirror your Android screen.

Chromecast GOM Player

(4) The Android screen will mirror on the TV immediately.

(5) Now, open the GOM Player and play the local content you want. The same content will appear on the TV.

Chromecast GOM Player Using iOS

(1) Install Chromecast streamer app from the App store.

Chromecast GOM player iOS

(2) Open the Chromecast streamer app and choose your Chromecast device.

(3) Select Screen mirroring and then click on the Start Mirroring menu.

(4) Select Start Broadcast on the pop-up.

(5) The iPhone/iPad screen will mirror on the TV.

(6) Now, open the GOM player and play the video file you want.

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Chromecast GOM Player Using PC

(1) Download and install GOM player on your PC from its official site.

(2) Launch the Chrome browser and hit the menu icon that you can view on the top right corner.

(3) Once your Chromecast device name appears on the screen, click the drop-down icon next to the Sources menu and choose Cast Desktop.

Cast PC Screen

(4) Now, click on your Chromecast name and share your PC screen.

(5) After mirroring the PC screen, launch the GOM Player that you installed and play your media.

As the GOM Player is not Chromecast compatible, you have to rely on screen mirroring. If the official cast support were released, we would update you immediately. Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to get instant updates from us.

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