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iOS 13 Chromecast Issues | Beta Version of iOS 13



iOS 13 Chromecast issues

Apple launched a beta version of iOS 13 for registered users to check the performance before the actual release of the version. The first beta version was launched on June and iPhone/iPad users were asked to register for installing the beta version. While there are plenty of features added in this update, many apps which you are using right now might behave abnormally. One such issue with the iOS 13 beta version is the Chromecast compatibility issue. Chromecast users are facing issue to cast from their iPhone/iPad with the new Beta update. Let us discuss more the iOS 13 Chromecast issues in this post.

iOS 13 Beta Version

iOS 13 was launched on Apple Worldwide Developers Conference which was held on June 3, 2019. The beta version was released in the mid of June and has been rolled out to the registered users. The public release of iOS 13 is expected to be released at the end of 2019.

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Features of iOS 13

Here are the features of iOS 13:

  • Dark mode
  • Updates on Siri
  • The QuickType virtual keyboard features Quick Path
  • Sign in with Apple option implemented
  • Audio sharing with AirPods
  • Official Game Controller Support
  • Redesigned Maps UI
  • Updates with Messages, Reminders and Photos
iOS 13 Chromecast Issues
Dark Mode

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iOS 13 Chromecast Issues

iOS 13 beta version is not working on Google Home apps. If you have updated your OS to iOS 13 beta, then your iPhone might not detect Chromecast devices. All the Chromecast compatibility apps don’t display the cast icon. Hence, you will not be able to cast any video to Chromecast using the new iOS 13 Beta.

The main reason for Chromecast compatibility issue is due to the version of Chormecast apps and Google Home app. As Apple launched iOS 13 beta, all Apple apps might have been made compatible but other apps need to be updated for the latest version. Only then, the app will work fine.

iOS 13 Chromecast Issues
iOS 13

How to fix the iOS 13 Chromecast Compatibility Issue?

You can either go back to the previous version (iOS 12) or wait for Apple to bring an update to the beta version. By reverting back to the previous version, your phone might be formatted and there is a high chance of losing your data. If you don’t want to lose any data, then you have to wait for Apple to roll out an update supporting all apps.

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Wrapping Up

The current iOS 13 is just the beta version. The public version of iOS 13 will be released later in the year. The same issues might not be repeated in the public version. All the apps will be made compatible with the new version and you can enjoy using the application like before.

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