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How to Install Emby IPTV Plugin in 2021



Emby IPTV Plugin

Emby is a popular media server used to stream personal media files (movies, pictures and audios) on different devices. Along with streaming personal files, you can also use Emby to stream live TV channels with the help of Plugins. Just like Kodi, Emby also has plugins support to access media from different sources. With the help of IPTV Plugin, you can watch live TV on any Emby installed devices. By installing Emby IPTV plugin, you can add channels that are favourite to you. Installing and configuring Emby IPTV Plugin is very simple.


How to Install Emby IPTV Plugin?

#1: Launch the Emby server on your Windows device. The server window will open on the web browser.

#2: Navigate to the dashboard and click Plugins menu.

Emby IPTV Plugin
Select Plugins

#3: Click Catalog and select the IPTV plugin.

Emby IPTV Plugin
Select IPTV

#4: Click Install to download the plugin.

Emby IPTV Plugin
Select Install

#5: On the next screen, click OK to start the installation process.

Emby IPTV Plugin
Click OK

#6: Once installed, the confirmation will appear on the screen. Click Got It to continue.

Click Got It
Click Got It

#7: Restart the Emby server and navigate to Dashboard -> Plugins -> My Plugins -> IPTV.

#8: Select +Add menu located next to IPTV streams.

#9: Enter the required details (M3U URL, Name, Image URL) and click Add.

Configure IPTV Playlist
Configure IPTV Playlist

#10: That’s it. Now, you can stream live TV channels with the help of Emby apps that you installed on any device.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps required to install and configure the IPTV plugin on Emby. With the help of this article, you can watch live TV channels with ease. Emby Media apps are available on most of the platforms (Android, iOS, Apple TV, Firestick, Playstation, Roku and Smart TVs). Hence you can access the configured live TV channels any time anywhere.

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