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How to Play Games on Facebook Messenger



How to Play Games on Facebook Messenger

Messenger is a free messaging application that allows users to send instant messages, photos, videos, stickers, audio files, and much more. Apart from all these features, you can also play games on the Messenger app or website. You need to create a Facebook Messenger Room to play games on Messenger. After creating a room, you can play your desired multiplayer games with your friends.

How to Play Games on Messenger App

#1. Install the Facebook Messenger app from the Play Store or App Store on your smartphone.

#2. Launch the Messenger app and sign in to your account.

#3. Navigate to the Chats tab on the home screen.

#4. Hit the Pencil icon displayed at the top.

#5. Select the option Create a new room.

Tap Create a new room

#6. Tap the Contacts you wish to add to the Messenger room.

#7. After selecting the contacts, hit the Start Room button.

Click Start Room

#8. Wait for all the contacts to join in the Messenger room.

#9. Once joined, swipe up from the bottom and tap Play Game.

Select Play Game to Play Games on Facebook Messenger

#10. Select a game from the list.

Choose any game to Play Games on Facebook Messenger

#11. Finally, tap the Start Game button to play games.

Tap Start Game to Play Games on Facebook Messenger

How to Play Games on Messenger Website

#1. Open a browser on your Windows or Mac.

#2. Visit the official Messenger website.

#3. Log in to your account using the required details.

#4. On the home page, hit the Menu icon displayed at the top-right.

Tap the Menu icon

#5. Tap the option Room from the drop-down menu.

Select Room

#6. Tap the Create Room button to create a Messenger room.

Click Create Room to play games on Facebook Messenger

#7. Click the name of the contacts you intend to add.

#8. Select Start Room after adding the contacts.

#9. On the Room screen, look for the option Play Game and click it.

#10. Select a game you wish to play.

#11. Hit the option Start Game and enjoy playing the game with your friends.

8 Best Games to Play on Messenger

Below given are the most popular Facebook Messenger games.

  • Words With Friends
  • Pac man
  • Endless lakes
  • Arkanoid
  • Space invaders
  • Brick pop
  • Zookeeper
  • Puzzle bobble

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you play games on Messenger?

Yes, you can play games by creating a room on the Facebook app or website.

2. Why can’t I play games in Messenger?

If you are using an outdated Messenger application, you can’t play games on the app. To fix this issue, navigate to the Play Store or App Store and update the app to the latest version.

3. What is the popular game in the Messenger app?

Words With Friends is the best game on Messenger.

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