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How to View Old Stories on Facebook [Simple Guide]



How to view old stories on Facebook

Facebook is a popular social media app with more than 2.9 billion users worldwide. It lets you connect with people from different countries around the world. On Facebook, you can post photos and videos, share stories, tag someone, and can Poke your friends. The stories uploaded on Facebook are visible to other users only for 24 hours. After the time limit, it disappears automatically. But, with the recent update, you can access all the stories you have posted on Facebook from the Archive section. In addition to stories, you can also find all the Facebook posts on the Archive section of your account. Instead of letting your stories fade away, you can save and view your memories using the Archive option. With this new feature, you can reshare your stories with friends and can rewatch the stories you have created.

How to View Old Stories on the Facebook App

Quick Guide: On Facebook, click Menu > Tap Profile Picture > click Three dots icon > Hit Archive > Tap Story Archive.

#1. Open the Facebook app on your Android or iPhone.

#2. Tap the Menu tab at the top right.

#3. Open your profile page by tapping on the Profile picture.

#4. Right below your profile icon, you will see the three dots.

Click the dot option to view old stories on Facebook

#5. Click the dot option and then select Archive.

#6. Tap the Story Archive option to find out all the stories you have posted.

Tap the Story Archive option to View Old Stories on Facebook

Alternative Way:

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • On the home page, long-press the Create story option.
  • Select the Story Archive to view all the stories.

How to View Old Stories on the Facebook Website

#1. Open a browser on your Windows or Mac PC.

#2. Navigate to the Facebook website and sign in to your account.

#3. Tap the Profile image displayed at the top.

#4. On your Profile page, look for the three-dotted icon and click it.

Tap the three-dots icon

#5. Select the option Archive from the menu.

Click Archive on Facebook

#6. Click the Archive option on the left pane and tap Story Archive from the drop-down.

Click Story Archive to view all the old stories

#7. Here, you can find all the stories you have posted to this date.

What is Archive on Facebook?

Similar to the Instagram Archive feature, Facebook has bought a new update for the users to save their stories and posts as archives. The archive feature automatically saves all the stories posted by the users even after they disappear. You can also view them after the time limit, as it is automatically saved in archives. With the archive option, you can even re-share the stories with your friends or users and can also download the photos and videos from the archive story to your mobile gallery. You can also create story highlights by choosing one or more stories from the past.

How to Enable Story Archive on Facebook

The story archive feature will be enabled by default for all users. Whenever you post a story on the Facebook app or website, it will be saved to the archive story section automatically after 24 hours. If you have disabled the story archive button unintentionally, you can turn it on by following the simple steps.

#1. Click on the Settings option on the story archive page.

#2. Select the toggle button placed right to the option Save to Archive.

Enable Story Archive on Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find an old post on Facebook?

Yes, you can easily see the old posts from the archive section of your Facebook account.

2. Where can I find the Archive option on Facebook?

You can find the Archive option under the Profile Settings of your Facebook account.

3. Can you hide photos on Facebook?

Yes. You can hide photos on Facebook by changing the post display option to Only Me.

4. How to limit ads on Facebook?

If you find the ads placed on Facebook very disturbing, you can limit Facebook ads using the free tools.

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