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How to Get Fios TV on Firestick / Fire TV



Fios TV on Firestick

If you have subscribed to the Fios cable TV provider, you can watch live and on-demand content from 400+ channels. If you have a streaming device like Amazon Firestick, you can install the Fios TV app on the device to stream your favourite TV channels. Fortunately, Fios TV is available on the Amazon App Store, and you can download the app without sideloading.

Fios TV also lets you download videos and stream them offline on your Fire TV. This service is only accessible in the US. If you reside outside the US, use a VPN on Firestick to access the Fios TV service without any geo-restrictions.

How to Install Fios TV App on Firestick

1. Connect the Firestick to stable WiFi.

2. Hit the Home button on the remote to get the home screen.

Firestick home screen

3. Select the Find icon and hit the Search bar.

4. Using the virtual keyboard, enter Fios TV.

Fios TV app

5. Pick the Fios TV app from the search results.

Fios TV app on Firestick

6. Click Get to download the Fios TV app.

7. Once you download, select Open to launch the app.

How to Activate and Watch Fios TV on Firestick

1. Once you open the Fios TV app, you can see two options. Login with mobile app and Login with remote.

Fios TV login

2. When you choose Login with remote, you need to enter the Fios TV credentials.

3. To Login with mobile app, you need to scan the QR code.

4. Once signed in, start streaming your favourite TV channel on your Firestick-connected TV or Fire TV.

How to Get Fios TV on Firestick using Downloader

If you can’t get Fios TV on your Fire TV, you can try installing the app using Downloader. You can install Downloader on Firestick from the Amazon App Store. Once you have installed it, you must enable the Install unknown apps for Downloader to sideload the app.

Navigate to SettingsMy Fire TVDeveloper OptionsInstall unknown apps → Turn ON Downloader.

1. Open Downloader and select Home.


2. Enter the Fios TV APK URL and select Go.

3. After the APK gets downloaded, select Install.

4. Further, choose Open once installed.

Launch the app on your Firestick and stream your favourite live TV channels.

How to Screen Mirror Fios TV App on Fire TV

If you don’t like to install the application, you can screen mirror the Fios TV app from your smartphone to Fire TV.

1. Connect your Android smartphone and Fire TV to the same WiFi network.

2. Long press the Home button to get Quick Settings.

3. Select Screen Mirroring from the list of options.

Screen Mirroring

4. Now, your Fire TV will be available to connect.

5. Pull down the Settings panel and tap the Cast icon.

Tap the Cast icon

6. Select your Firestick device to mirror the Android device screen.

7. Once mirrored, play any content on the Fios TV app and stream it on your Fire TV or Firestick-connected TV.

How to Fix Fios TV Not Working on Firestick

If the Fios TV app is not working fine on your Firestick, make use of the troubleshooting methods mentioned below.

1. Check whether your Firestick has been connected to the WiFi network.

2. Have an eye on your Internet speed. If you find that your Internet speed is low, contact your Internet Service Provider to fix it.

4. Restart Firestick if the app frequently freezes when you stream the content.

3. Restart the Fios TV app if it performs slowly and doesn’t work normally.

5. Update the Fios TV app to the latest version if it is outdated.

6. Update Firestick‘s firmware if the device isn’t compatible with the app.

Fios TV: Pricing

Fios TV offers four subscription packages to users. Each subscription package comes with 1 rental set-top box.

The Most Fios TV425+$119
More Fios TV300+$99
Your Fios TV125+$75
Fios TV Test Drive$75

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Fios TV app free?

The Fios TV app is free to install. But to stream the content, you must purchase a premium plan.

2. Can you download the Verizon Fios TV app on Firestick?

Yes, you can download the Fios TV app on Firestick.

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