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How to Close Apps on Amazon Firestick/Fire TV



How to Close Apps on Amazon Firestick (1)

In the Firestick and Fire TV devices, you can install any app from Amazon App Store. Sometimes, opening more apps on Firestick can cause performance issues like hanging or freezing issues. To get rid of these issues, you need to frequently close the apps on your Firestick that are not in use. Closing the apps enhances the smooth functioning of the Amazon Firestick device.

There are two ways to close apps on Firestick. You can close the app by force-stopping the particular app. In addition to this method, you can also use third-party applications like Background Apps and Process List or Task Killer to close apps. If you want to automate the closing of apps, you can do it with the help of the Task Killer application.

How to Close Apps on Firestick

[1] If you are on the app’s screen, go to the homepage of the app.

[2] Click the Back button on the remote to close the app.

How to Close Apps on Amazon Firestick

[3] If the app is not closing, tap the Back button two or three times.

[4] This will get your Firestick apps page.

Doing this won’t stop the app from running in the background. To stop the app from running in the background, you need to force close the app from the Settings menu.

How to Force Close Apps on Firestick

[1] Turn on your Firestick-connected TV or Fire TV, and make sure to pair the Firestick remote.

[2] Press the Home button on your Firestick remote.

[3] Scroll to the right and click the Settings icon.

Settings icon

[4] Look for the Applications tile and select it.

Application tab on Firestick

[5] On the next screen, tap the option Manage Installed Applications.

Manage Installed Applications option

[6] Select the app that you would like to close. We have chosen the Disney+ app.

Close Disney+ app on Firestick

[7] Scroll down and hit the option Force Stop to close the app.

Click Force Stop to force close apps on Firestick

Using these two methods, you can close apps on any Firestick model like Firestick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite, TCL Fire TV, and Hisense Fire TV.

How to Force Close Apps on Firestick using Third-Party Applications

There are two popular applications that allow you to close the apps on Firestick with ease. They are listed below.

  • Background Apps and Process List
  • Task Killer

Background Apps and Process List App

[1] Navigate to the Home screen on your Firestick using the remote.

[2] Click the Find tab.

Click the Find tab.

[3] Tap Search and type Background Apps and Process List using the on-screen keyboard.

Search for Background Apps and Process List.

[4] Select the Background Apps and Process List app from the search suggestions list.

[5] Click the Download button to install the app on Firestick.

tap the Download button.

[6] Open the Background Apps and Process List app on your Firestick.

Background Apps & Process List app

[7] All the active apps running in the background will be displayed on the home screen of the app.

[8] Select the app you want to close.

Close Stirr app on Firestick

[9] You will be navigated to the settings of the app. Here, hit the option Force Stop to close the app on Firestick.

Click Force Stop

[10] To close all the apps at once, click the Close All Apps button on the top.

Close all apps on Firestick 4K

[11] Click the System / User tab to get the list of system apps that are running in the background. Select the app and close it.

Close System apps on Firestick

[12] To close multiple apps on Firestick, click the Select Multiple tab and choose all the apps that you want to close.

Close multiple apps on Firestick

Task Killer

1. The first thing to do is to install the Downloader app on Firestick.

2. Then, navigate to Firestick Settings >> My Fire TV >> Developer Options >> Install unknown apps >> Turn on Downloader toggle.

Enable Downloader

3. Launch the Downloader app and grant access to the required permissions.

4. Tap the Home tab on the left pane and enter the Task Killer APK link on the URL field.

Enter the Task Killer apk link

5. Select the Go button and click Install on the pop-up menu.

Install Task Killer to close apps

6. Once installed, open the Task Killer app on Firestick.

7. The Task Killer app automatically analyzes and removes the apps running in the background.

Use Task Killer to close apps on Firestick

8. After closing the apps, the Task Killer app displays a detailed report on the screen.

Other Third-Party Apps

Apart from these two apps, you can also use apps like AppList Manager, SD Maid, and DBTV Assistant to terminate apps on Firestick.

AppList Manager: You can install the AppList Manager app from the Amazon App Store. Usign the manager app, you can close apps, test internet speed, scan WiFi network, and more. You can use the AppList Manager to organize the files stored on your Firestick.

SD Maid: SD Maid app is not available on the Amazon App Store. You need to sideload the app on your Firestick. Using the SD Maid app, you can manage apps with ease. The features available in the SD Maid are minimal when compared to other apps.

DBTV Assistant: DBTV Assistant is a great app for managing your Fire TV Stick. You can clear cache files on Firestick, check network speed, accelerate apps, and more. The DBTV Assistant app needs to be sideloaded on Firestick.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to close apps on FireStick?

Yes, if there are too many apps running on Firestick, you will experience some performance issues.

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