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How to Update Firestick to the Latest Version



How to Update Firestick?

Amazon Firestick is now a handy streaming device for everyone. If you are owning a TV with an HDMI port, then Firestick will be the best product to convert your TV into a Smart TV. Even inbuilt Smart TV users feel comfortable using the Amazon Fire TV stick. Firestick works on the Android platform and there are a series of updates released now and then like other Android devices. Mostly updates are automated and the device updates automatically whenever it gets an update. But for people who wonder on how to Update Firestick, here are the steps to be followed:

How to Update Firestick?
How to Update Firestick?

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Firestick Updates

Amazon Fire devices are operating with the Fire OS. Here are the latest version of Firestick devices (as of 30-11-2019)

DeviceLatest Version
Amazon Fire TV Cube (2nd Generation)Fire OS (17482126468)
Amazon Fire TV Cube (1st Generation)Fire OS (3255372676)
Fire TV RecastFire OS (2852678532)
Amazon Fire TV Stick 4KFire OS (3255372676)
Amazon Fire TV (3rd Generation)Fire OS (3255372676)
Amazon Fire TV (2nd Generation)Fire OS (648594620)
Amazon Fire TV (1st Generation)Fire OS (648594620)
Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice RemoteFire OS (648595120)
Fire TV Stick with Voice RemoteFire OS (648594620)
Fire TV Stick (1st Generation)Fire OS (648594620)
Fire TV Stick Basic EditionFire OS (648595120)

The above are the latest updates of the software available for Firestick devices. If you are getting any new Firestick update, your Firestick will automatically download the software and install it on the next reboot. Below are the steps on How to Update Firestick manually:

How to Update Firestick?

Amazon Firestick is designed to download the updates automatically. When you are using Firestick, if any updates get released, the device will automatically download it and install the software on the next reboot. To update your Firestick manually, you have to perform the below steps:

Step 1: On your Firestick home page, move to the Settings menu.

How to Update Firestick?
Settings page on Firestick | How to Update Firestick?

Step 2: Go to My Fire TV on your settings page.  (My Fire TV contains all the details about your device).

How to Update Firestick?
My Fire TV Option

Step 3: Under My Fire TV, Select “About” option. 

How to Update Firestick?
Device “About” Menu

Step 4: “About” page contains the details about your Firestick. It contains the device details, storage, network, and update checker as well. You can check the current version of your device here as well.

How to Update Firestick?
Current version of Firestick

Step 5: Click on the “Check for System Update” button. 

How to Update Firestick?
Check for system update

If there are any updates available, this “Check for System Update” page will automatically start downloading the update. The page might start installing it immediately or it might install the update on the next reboot.

System update takes around 30 minutes to complete. Make sure that you don’t turn off the device when it is getting updated. Restart your Firestick once the update is completed.

Wrapping Up

Updating your software regularly makes your device more secure. The updates are bundled with security patches, general improvements, and bug fixes. To run your device smoothly, then you should keep updating the system software regularly. Apart from updating your system, your Firestick apps might also get regular updates which should also be updated.

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