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How to Install HBO GO on Firestick [2021]



HBO Go on Firestick

HBO GO on Firestick is the perfect alternative for the cord-cutters and binge-watchers. HBO (Home Box Office) is famous for its movies and series, especially Game of Thrones. Apart from GOT, there are so many notable things like Silicon Valley, Chernobyl, Euphoria, Westworld, and the list goes on. HBO offers online TV Everywhere service in the name of HBO Go. It allows users to stream on-demand videos of HBO, including movies, past and current series. You can access HBO GO either by using your smartphone app or website. It comes with a subscription of $14.99/month.

HBO GO on Firestick

HBO GO is supported by all the smartphone and PCs. HBO GO is available in the Amazon App Store. Since it is an official Amazon app and android app, it can be easily installed on Amazon Firestick and other similar devices. Read more to know how to stream HBO GO on Firestick smart TV.

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How to install HBO GO on Firestick?

#1: Click the Search icon in the Home Screen of the Firestick.

How to stream HBO GO on Firestick?

#2: Type HBO GO and search.

App page

#3: If the app is available in your Firestick smart TV, clicking the app will open the app.

#4: If the app is not available, clicking the app will show Download icon. Click the icon to start downloading the app.

#5: Wait for the download to complete.

#6: After the download is complete, open the app.

#7: Now, select the Activate your Device option. You will get the 6-digit Activation Code.

#8: In your PC or smartphone. go to the HBO GO’s Activate Code URL

How to stream HBO GO on Firestick?

#9: Enter the 6-digit activation code shown in your smart TV in the code box and click Next.

#10: In the next screen, choose your service provider and enter your login credentials in the subsequent screen.

#11: Now, you will get HBO GO in your Firestick smart TV.

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As far as movies and series are considered, HBO is in the place where no other streaming platform can reach. Install HBO GO on your Firestick smart TV and stream any of the HBO movies and series. HBO GO is a perfectly suited app for binge-watchers and Hollywood lovers.

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