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How to Install and Watch MovieBox Pro on Firestick



How to install MovieBox on Firestick?

MovieBox Pro is a popular free streaming platform that helps you to stream popular and latest releases of movies or TV shows. So, most of the Firestick users are interested in installing the app on their devices. The reason behind this is that MovieBox Pro allows its users to stream movies and TV shows for free. Unluckily, the MovieBox Pro app is unavailable for Firestick. But you can use the sideloading method to install the MovieBox Pro app on your Firestick.

Disclaimer: The MovieBox app includes copyrighted content that is completely illegal to watch. So, it is mandatory to use a VPN on Firestick.

How to Get MovieBox Pro on Amazon Firestick [Downloader]

Since the MovieBox app is not directly available to install on Firestick, you need to use the sideloading method to get the app installed.

For that, we recommend you install the Downloader app on Firestick, which you can find directly on the Amazon App Store.

Enable Install Unknown Apps:

After installing the Downloader app on your Firestick, you need to enable the option Install unknown apps for Downloader. For that, here are the steps you need to follow.

#1: Go to the “Settings” tab on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Click on the Settings option from the Home screen

#2: Move to the “My Fire TV” menu on the Settings tab and click on it.

Click on My Fire TV under settings

#3: Just click on the “Developer Options” under My Fire TV settings.

#4: Now click on “Install Unknown Apps.”

Enable Install Unknown Apps

#5: Select the Downloader app and turn it On.

Now your Amazon Fire TV Stick is ready to install apps from unknown sources.

Sideload Moviebox on Firestick using Downloader

Here are the steps we followed to get the MovieBox app installed on our Firestick.

#1: Open the Downloader app on Firestick.

#2: Enter the URL “” and click Go. Using the same link, you can also download MovieBox Pro APK on Android TV.

#3: The APK file will start downloading.

#4: Once downloaded, it will automatically move to the installation page.

How to install MovieBox on Firestick?

#5: Scroll down and click “Install.”

How to install MovieBox on Firestick?

#6: The app will start installing.

How to install MovieBox on Firestick?

#7: Click on the “Open” button.

How to install MovieBox on Firestick?

You can now enjoy watching movies on Firestick using the MovieBox app.

How to Sideload Moviebox on Firestick [ES File Explorer]

In case you have problems while using the Downloder app to sideload the MovieBox app, you can install the ES File Explorer on Firestick.

But the problem here with the ES File Explorer app is that you need to purchase its premium version to sideload apps.

Before using the ES File Explorer, you need to enable an option. To do that,

Go to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options > Install Unknown Apps > ES File Explorer > Turn on.

#1: If it’s the first time you are using the ES File Explorer app, launch it and follow the on-screen prompts to purchase its premium version.

#2: Once your purchase the premium version, scroll down from the home screen and select the Downloader.

click Downloader on the second row

#3: Click the +New icon from the bottom of the screen.

Select the +New icon on the bottom of the page

#4: Enter the URL link of Moviebox APK in the Path field.

#5: Enter any name in the Name field and tap the Download Now button to get the APK file.

Click Download Now

#6: Once downloaded, click Open File and follow the on-screen prompts to install the app on your Firestick.

Tap Open File and install the app

#7: After installation, click Done and select Open to launch the app.

You can now start to watch movies and TV shows for free.

How to Get an Invitation Code on Moviebox

To stream Moviebox on your Fire TV, you have to activate it using the invitation code. Here are the steps to get the Moviebox Pro invitation code on Firestick.

#1: Compile a mail that you need an invitation code to the Moviebox Pro support team [email protected].

#2: Wait till you receive a return mail from the team. It may take a few hours to process.

#3: Once you get the invitation code, click on it.

#4: Further, follow the ongoing prompts to activate your Moviebox account.

How to Access Real-Debrid on Firestick via Moviebox

#1: Launch the Moviebox app and click on the Settings menu.

#2: Then select the Login to Real-Debrid option.

#3: You will receive an activation code from Real-Debrid.

#4: Now, enter the Real-Debrid activation website.

Real-Debrid on Firestik

#5: Next, fill in the code on the required code.

#6: Once activated, you can access Real-Debrid content on Firestick.

How to Get Trakt on Firestick using Moviebox

#1: Select the Settings option on the Moviebox app.

#2: Find and select Login to option on Firestick.

#3: The activation code of Trakt will appear.

#4: Using any web browser, go to the Trakt website.

trackt on firestick

#5 Enter the code to connect and start streaming Trakt content on Fire TV.

Do I Need to Use a VPN to Stream MovieBox Pro on Firestick

Yes, all the content available to watch on MovieBox Pro is copyrighted. So, while streaming your favorites on MovieBox, there are high possibilities of this leading you to legal issues. However, you can avoid this by hiding your IP address. You can use the best VPN for Firestick for the same reason. However, we recommend you use some of the best VPN service providers, such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

How to Fix MovieBox Pro Not Working on Firestick

The following are the troubleshooting methods you need to follow to fix the MovieBox Pro app not working issue.

  • If you cannot install the MovieBox Pro app, you may not have enabled the Firestick to install apps from unknown sources. Go to your Fire TV Settings > Developer Options > Install Unknown Apps > Select the Downloader or ES File Explorer to allow these apps to install apps on your Firestick from Unknown Sources.
  • Close the app on Firestick and wait for some time. Then, reopen the MovieBox app to stream your favorite movies and TV shows.
  • Reboot your Firestick and try to open the MovieBox Pro app. This will help you to clear the bugs residing on the MovieBox Pro app or on your Firestick.
  • You may be using the outed version of the MovieBox Pro app on your Firestick, and that’s why you can’t stream your favorites. Go to Settings on the MovieBox Pro app. Then, update the app on Firestick to the latest version and clear the streaming issues.
  • There may be some bugs on your Firestick, and that’s why you can’t properly stream your favorites. So, update your Fire TV OS to the latest version.


Can you install MovieBox on Firestick?

Yes, you can install the Moviebox app on your Firestick.

How Much is MovieBox Pro?

You can just access all the content available on MovieBox Pro for free of cost.

Is Moviebox Pro safe?

Moviebox is not completely safe to use. However, you can use a VPN for complete protection.

How to integrate MX Player on Moviebox?

Install MX Player on Firestick and go to Settings on Moviebox. Select choose default video player and tap MX Player.

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