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How to Install MX Player For Firestick/Fire TV [2020]



Install MX Player on Fire Stick

Nowadays we find it more comfortable watching movies and videos from home. And when it comes to watching videos, you cannot neglect the fact that MX Player is the best player out there in the Android market Play Store with more than 500 million installs. The MX Player is not only famous among Android phone users but also with the Android TV boxes, Firestick, and Fire TV. And it is one of the most used video players on Fire Stick. In this tutorial let us discuss in detail on how to get the MX Player on Firestick/Fire TV devices.

MX Player

The MX Player app nearly supports every video and audio formats available. And its users love using it for the ability to use subtitles and its advanced hardware acceleration. The MX player has inbuilt processor-specific codecs for ARMv7 Neon, Tegra, etc., that help to deliver the best performance on any device.

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It is an external video player app that can be installed on any device and with any version of firestick 2018, 2017, 2016, etc. 

MX Player App on Fire Stick/Fire TV

You cannot find the MX Player app officially on the Amazon Store. Not to worry! There are two methods by which you can install the MX Player App on the Fire Stick/Fire TV. 

  • Install MX Player App on Fire Stick/ Fire TV using ES File Explorer
  • Install MX Player App on Fire Stick/Fire TV using Downloader App

Getting your Firestick? Fire TV ready

The Amazon Fire Stick has plenty of application available on its app store. Yet, you will find certain important and must-have apps missing from the Amazon App Store. To get that on your Fire Stick you will need to follow these simple steps below.

#Step 1: On your Fire Stick, go to Settings using your Fire TV remote or the Amazon Fire Stick App on your phone.

MX Player for Fire Stick

#Step 2: Navigate to option My Fire TV (also seen as Device in earlier versions) next to Preferences

MX Player for Fire Stick

#Step 3: Under the My Fire TV select Developer Options and Turn ON the feature Apps from Unknown Devices. 

MX Player for Fire Stick

#Step 4: You will see a screen prompting with a warning message. Simply select Turn On.

MX Player for Fire Stick

Install MX Player App on FireStick using ES File Explorer

As the MX Player official app is not available on the App store, you will need the help of the ES File Explorer app to download and install the MX Player app.

Installing ES File Explorer App on Fire Stick

If you have already installed the ES File Explorer app on your fire stick skip the steps till 5 and proceed with step 6. Else continue. 

#Step 1: Go to Fire Stick Home by pressing the Home button on the Fire TV remote.


#Step 2: Click Search. Type ES File Explorer.

MX Player for Fire Stick

#Step 3: Click the ES File Explorer App from the results.

MX Player for Fire Stick

#Step 4: Click Get. The application will download after which click Install. Once the installation is done, click Open.

MX Player for Fire Stick

#Step 5: The ES File Explorer will open with its home page on your Fire TV Stick. 

MX Player for Fire Stick

Installing the MX Player App on Fire Stick

#Step 6: From the ES Explorer Home, select Download Manager. Or click the Download Manager under the Tools menu on the sidebar.

MX Player for Fire Stick

#Step 7: Click ‘+’ / ‘Add New’ from the bottom menu. 

#Step 8: A Download pop up appears with two fields Path and Name

MX Player for Fire Stick

#Step 9: For Path enter the URL In the field Name type MX Player. And click Download Now

#Step 10: The application will download and you will get the message Downloaded successfully! as a pop-up. Click Open File.

MX Player for Fire Stick

#Step 11: Click Install.

MX Player for Fire Stick

#Step 12: In the following page on the Fire Stick click Next and in the upcoming page click Install.  

MX Player for Fire Stick

#Step 13: The MX Player application will install on your Fire Stick and click Open when done. 

MX Player for Fire Stick

#Step 14: The MX Player application home will open displaying the available videos on your Fire TV Stick device.

MX Player for Fire Stick

Install MX Player App on FireStick using Downloader App

This is an alternative method to install MX Player app if you don’t have ES File Explorer app on your Fire Stick. Let’s get started.

Important: Check out our guide to install Downloader app on your Fire Stick as the Downloader App has been officially removed from the App store for certain regions. The Downloader is a must-have an app with which you can download almost any file to your Fire TV Stick. 

#Step 1: From the Fire TV Stick home, search for and open Downloader App.

MX Player for Fire Stick

#Step 2: Type the URL and click Go.

You will see the progress of the app download.

MX Player for Fire Stick

#Step 3: Once done, click Next.

MX Player for Fire Stick

#Step 4: In the next page, click Install.

MX Player for Fire Stick

#Step 5: After the completion of the installation, click Open.

MX Player for Fire Stick

The MX Player application home will open displaying the available videos on your Fire TV Stick device.

MX Player for Fire Stick

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Final Thoughts

The MX Player is an all in one media player for your Amazon Fire TV Stick with which you can play almost any format of media files. You can customize the MX player app the way you want with its numerous inbuilt options available. The app can be the best alternative to the previously available YesPlayer, which is no longer supported now. MX Player is the favourite media player for Kodi users and many use it as their default media player. 

The guide above would have helped you out in installing the MX Player app on your Fire TV. If you are still facing issues like how to make MX Player default on firestick, change MX Player settings for firestick, MX Player Pro on firestick, etc., leave your comments below.

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