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How to Install Relax TV Apk on Firestick/Fire TV?



Relax TV Apk

Relax TV is a live TV app. It is one of the apps that allows you to stream any video content for free. It offers you to stream more than 50000 channels across different countries. If you have Relax TV apk on your smart TV, you don’t need to buy any cable subscription. You get content equal to any premium content offered by other online channels. Relax TV is a standalone app, and you can’t play or stream any videos unless you have a video player on your smart TV. Follow the below steps to install the Relax TV on your Firestick or Fire TV.

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Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

Since Relax TV apk is not in the Amazon App Store, you need to download the app from third party sources. To install any third-party apps, you need to give permission to install apps from unknown sources. Follow the below steps to give that permission.

#1: In the home screen menu, click Settings.

Relax TV apk
Home Screen – Settings

#2: Select My Fire TV.

Relax TV apk
My Fire TV

#3: Choose Developer Options.

Relax TV apk
Developer Options

#4: Tap Apps from Unknown Sources.

Relax TV apk
Apps from Unknown Sources

#5: Select Turn On.

Relax TV apk
Turn On

Now, you have allowed the apps to install from sources other than the Amazon App Store. There are two ways to install the Relax TV apk on Firestick or Fire TV.

  • Using Downloader.
  • Using ES File Explorer.

Relax TV apk on Firestick or Fire TV using Downloader:

#1: Open the Downloader app. Click Allow if any screen prompts.

Relax TV apk
Downloader App

#2: In the search bar, type the Relax TV apk’s URL and click GO.

Relax TV apk
Search bar

#3: Wait for the download to finish.

Relax TV apk
Downloading screen

#4: After the download is finished, click INSTALL.

Relax TV apk

#5: After the installation is done, click OPEN to open the app immediately or click DONE to close the installation window.


#6: If you click DONE, you will be asked to delete the apk file. If the installation is completed successfully, there is no need for the apk. Click Delete.


#7: In the confirmation screen, click Delete again.


Now the Relax TV apk will be listed on Your Apps & Channels.

Relax TV apk on Firestick or Fire TV using ES File Explorer:

#1: Open the ES File Explorer app.

#2: Tap the Downloader icon.

Downloader icon

#3: Click the +New icon on the bottom of the window.

+New icon

#4: A dialogue box will appear on the screen.

Download Pop Up

#5: In the Path area, enter the Relax TV apk’s URL and in the Name area, enter any name you like. Click DOWNLOAD NOW.

#6: Wait for the file to download.

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#7: Once the download is complete, tap the OPEN FILE.


#8: Select INSTALL.


#9: In the next window, scroll down to the bottom and click NEXT.

Relax TV apk

#10: In the next window, click INSTALL.

Relax TV apk

#11: Wait for the file to install.

Relax TV apk
Installing screen

#12: Click OPEN to open the app immediately or click DONE to exit the download menu.

Relax TV apk

Now install the Real TV apk on your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV with the steps mentioned above and stream your favourite channel on your smart TV. If you have doubts during the installation, tell us in the comments below. Connect to us on our social media channels, Facebook and Twitter.

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