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How to install Fortnite on Nintendo Switch in 2021



Many games don’t need any introduction. In that list, Fortnite is one of them. Developed by Epic Games, there are three versions available in Fortnite, Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite Creative. All the three versions have the same gameplay controls, but the theme varies with each other. With Nintendo Switch especially made for gaming, the action-packed Fortnite game is heaven. The Fornite is available for free to download on Nintendo Switch. Read more to know how to install Fortnite on Nintendo Switch.

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How to install Fortnite on Nintendo Switch?

In the initial launching days of Nintendo Switch, Fortnite is not available in the Nintendo Switch eshop. After that, it is made available in the eshop. It is pretty easy to install Fortnite on Nintendo Switch.

Step 1: Go to the Nintendo eshop in the Home Screen.

Fortnite on NIntendo
Nintendo eshop

Step 2: Click Search.

Fortnite on NIntendo
Search Button

Step 3: In the Search bar, type fortnite or choose in the suggestion tab and click the Search button.

Fortnite on NIntendo
Search Bar

Step 4: Select the Fortnite app in the search results.

Fortnite on NIntendo
Fortnite Game

Step 5: Now, click Free Download in the next screen displayed.

Fortnite on NIntendo
Free Download

Step 6: Click Free Download again.

Fortnite on NIntendo
Free Download

Step 7: Tap Close to exit from the Nintendo Switch eshop.

Close button

Step 8: Wait for the download to complete. The downloading status is seen at the bottom of the game icon.

Fortnite Downloading

Step 9: If the download is complete, the game icon becomes solid and the downloading status bar will disappear.


Step 10: Now tap the game icon to play the game.

Install the Fortnite app on your Nintendo Switch with the help of this article. Now play the Fortnite game on your Nintendo Switch without any fuss. If you have any queries or doubts with this installation process, tell us in the comments section. Connect to us on our social media pages, Facebook and Twitter.

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