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5 Ways to Balance Professional Gaming and Studying



5 Ways to Balance Professional Gaming and Studying

High salaries, fame, and huge potential for future professional success are the things that lure young people into the world of eSports. Today, cybersports have gained greater recognition and acceptance not only as a hobby but as an opportunity to build a career. Regardless of the level of competition, being involved in cybersport events is always an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

And though competing on the pro scene can be fantastic, keeping a balance between gaming and academic responsibilities can be really challenging. After all, professional gaming requires more than just 3-4 hours a week playing with buddies. If you don’t know how to balance your eSports activities with studying, here are 5 tips to help you with that a bit.

Set your priorities

First things first, decide what’s more important for you. In most cases, people would prioritize studying over gaming, and for most, that’s an absolutely reasonable decision. But it may not be the case with cybersports. If you feel like training and mastering the game is more important for you, you can always reach out to essay writers online. Honing your in-game skills takes a lot of time, so let a professional essay writer save you some by writing your papers for you!

As an aspiring eSports athlete, most likely, you’ll put gaming in the first place. With the opportunities it may bring to you, that completely makes sense. However, you shouldn’t bail on your academic duties. In the long run, getting a degree is equally as important as paving your way in cybersports. Still, it’s different for each of us – just don’t go from extreme to extreme.

Make a schedule

Making schedules is always great, whatever you may be doing. And if you’re serious about your cybersport activities, a clear schedule is a must. You should divide your time between studies and training to remain productive in both areas. The temptation to get on a game should not distract you during study time, as well as nothing should bother you when you’re training.

By establishing a healthy routine, you’ll see how much time exactly you can allocate to learning and practicing in-game. Not only can you manage your time this way, but it also helps to develop productive habits. In general, remember – studying time is for studying, and gaming time is for gaming. Your personal schedule will help you follow this simple rule.

Sleep well

A good night’s sleep is what gives you the energy and power to make the most of both studying and playing games. A consistent sleep schedule is crucial if we talk about taking care of ourselves. But why is good sleep so important for an eSports athlete? Well, inadequate sleep can cause:

  • poor reaction time
  • lack of focus
  • prolonged anxiety
  • and other unpleasant symptoms of fatigue

Let’s be honest; you wouldn’t want to play or study while being so exhausted and wrecked. Let alone balance between these activities.

It’s important to keep your body and mind functioning at their highest capacity to achieve success and enjoyment in the games you play. If you’re overloaded with assignments and can’t even get enough sleep, professional essay writers for hire are always there to help.

Why don’t you pay for essays and have a good sleep instead of writing papers day by day? Sound sleep is the best way to stay fresh, productive, and motivated.

Utilize time

A lot of your homework and other assignments can be done right in the class. Try to do as many tasks as you can in school or college so you’d have more time for your gaming session at home. You definitely have some time during the day when you’re not doing the lessons, like lunch and break times. So why don’t you do some homework if you have the opportunity?

Of course, you can’t do everything in 15 minutes during your lunchtime. But something is better than nothing. Theoretically, the studying atmosphere in the class should tune you into your studying mood, and you’ll do your tasks even faster than at home. But of course, it depends on the person. It may seem insignificant, but the habit of doing the most whenever possible saves a lot of time.

Don’t forget to go out

Being stuck on any activity always leads to negative consequences. Doing the same thing over and over results in boredom and disinterest, no matter how much you love it. Sometimes to find the balance between studying and gaming, we need to stop doing both for a while. Taking a break from games and books is entirely acceptable and reasonable. Take your time to pursue other hobbies, and go out with friends and family away from screens and papers.

Such short breaks can be beneficial for your mental and emotional well-being; they freshen up your mind. And you’ll find out that you juggle between studies and gaming more effectively when you return to them. If you, for whatever reason, don’t have any time to visit your parents and friends, consider using the best paper writing services. Make your life easier and forget about the huge academic load – that’s what essay writing services are made for.


Combining college life with a career in professional gaming is not the easiest task, especially for young students. But if you are determined to stay on track and carve out a career in cybersport, hopefully, these 5 tips will help you with that. 

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